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The Argyros School of Business and Economics prepares students for dynamic careers in business, accounting and economics with its highly ranked undergraduate business program. A Bachelors’ degree from the Argyros School provides a strong foundation in applying the paradigms and tools of modern business as well as economic perspectives to problem solving in management. The School places significant emphasis on the liberal arts as a mechanism for developing thoughtful, well-rounded and ethical decision makers. Programs at the Argyros School focus on developing analytical skills, knowledge of business and/or economics, communications skills and a global perspective required for success in a competitive world. 

Undergraduates have the choice of three programs in business:

+- Minor in Analytics

The minor in Analytics program provides students a deep introduction to data management and statistical modeling tools and techniques that can be applied in many disciplines today. This minor combines the academic strengths of Schmid College of Science and Technology with those of the Argyros School of Business and Economics to enhance the student’s skill in applied computer science and statistical modeling. Open to all majors and students across campus, the Business Analytics minor will benefit those who seek to be prepared for occupations that require one to gain meaningful insights from the growing quantities of data available.

It is the large volumes of data captured and codified that has created great demand for technical skills in disciplines as diverse as biology and business. Examples of analytics applications include cancer research, earthquake prediction, computational biology, weather and climate forecasting, traffic analysis, market research, web analytics, financial and investment analysis, sports management, and many more. Students successfully completing the Analytics minor will be prepared to enter careers requiring analytical expertise or to attend graduate programs in business, mathematics or science that require significant quantitative rigor.

+- Minor in Business Administration

The minor in Business Administration program provides undergraduate students in any non-business major a significant introduction to business and management. Students will gain an understanding of business theory, practices and applications with specific coursework in economics, accounting, quantitative methods, ethics, marketing, management and finance.

Students who graduate with the Minor in Business Administration can apply their knowledge to find professional opportunities in almost any type of organization, from large corporations to small businesses including in government and non-profits. Major industries in the region include financial services, entertainment, action sportswear and apparel, medical device manufacturers, electronics manufacturers and distributors, hospitality and tourism and many others.

+- Minor in Economics

The Minor in Economics at the Argyros School of Business and Economics provides undergraduate students who are not majoring in economics a significant introduction to the tools and methods of economics. Students will gain an understanding of micro and macro economic analysis and the ability to apply economic tools and methods appropriately to real world situations.

The Minor in Economics helps to prepare students for careers in all types of industries that require an understanding of the forces of the economy.

  • Maintain at least a 2.000 overall grade point average in the minor
  • Complete all courses in the minor for a letter grade
  • Complete a minimum of 12 credits for the minor at Chapman University
  • What makes a rich nation rich?
  • What makes a good person good?
  • What do these questions have to do with one another?

The Socratic Dialogue in the required core courses provides students with an opportunity to personalize their inquiry of these three question by analyzing and synthesizing texts from the concurrent reading of three disciplines and by prodcucing original interdisciplinary texts. Electives enable students to study a variety of supporting topics to gain expertise in the synthesis of ecomomics and humanities. 

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