MPPM in Policy, Planning, and Management

University of Southern Maine
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The MPPM prepares students for leadership roles in government, nonprofit organizations, and the private sector by developing a strong, multi-disciplinary foundation of skills and knowledge in the fields of policy, planning, and management. Coursework focuses on conceptual learning and application through use of real-world data, case studies, and client- and community-based projects and assignments. The degree is designed for working professionals and pre-career students from diverse educational backgrounds who aspire to professional roles and careers as leaders, managers, advocates, planners, or analysts in area related to environment, sustainable development, and economic and social policy.

The goals of the program are to educate students to have the ability to:

Comprehend the fundamentals of public policy, planning, and management.

Identify and describe problems and solutions from diverse political, economic, and ethical perspectives.

Evaluate and synthesize problems and solutions quantitatively and qualitatively.

Design solutions and implementation strategies for organizations and communities.

Evaluate approaches to public, private, and non-profit organizational leadership and management.

Articulate strategies to engage and facilitate civic discourse, community participation, and public-private cooperation.

Communicate clearly, orally, graphically, and in writing, to inform, manage, and persuade.

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Master's programs


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