MS in Criminal Justice: Homeland Security and Global Justice

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The Homeland Security and Global Justice concentration provides robust preparation in federal law enforcement practices and international justice policy, positioning students to play invaluable roles in the essential work of safeguarding our nation.

A convenient, flexible approach

  • Courses are 100% online
  • 36 credits of coursework: 21 credits in the core program curriculum; 9 credits of concentration-specific courses; 6 credits of electives; Capstone project
  • Affordable 8 or 16-week modules
  • Quinn bill certified

Gain the knowledge to succeed in an evolving field
Topics addressed in the Homeland Security and Global Justice concentration include:

  • Preparing and responding to terror-related threats to national and international security
  • Understanding the organizational and political structures of federal protection agencies
  • Ethically balancing national security priorities and civil liberties
  • Deploying sustainable solutions for preventing and investigating physical and cyber attacks
  • Managing and leading diverse, international teams
  • Appropriately applying national and international policies when assessing and responding to security threats

Problem-solving for a more peaceful world
Homeland security and international crime are challenging topics – and issues related to these fields only grow more complex as the world becomes increasingly interconnected. Lasell offers a rigorous curriculum that will ready you to face these difficulties head-on, and to help maintain order in a rapidly changing world.

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