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Online MBA

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Mba programs

Making sure that you are getting a quality education from the best school is your top priority. You want to make sure that where you decide to earn your online MBA is from an accredited institution. Read more about FNU’s accreditation here.

Some Obstacles That Might Delay a College Education

There might be some graduates who have completed their bachelor’s degree, and would like to further their education by enrolling into a master’s program. Getting a master’s degree offers the possibility of advancement as well as increased employment opportunities. Unfortunately, they might not have the resources for it. It is understood that college is expensive and most people might not think that they can afford it. Other obstacles such as time might factor in to the commitment level of college demands as well.

The Solution

Florida National University (FNU) has an exemplary list of online and on-campus, programs that offer you the flexibility to take courses in the comfort of your own home. These online programs also allow you to study during hours that are more convenient and work around your schedule.

Master’s programs typically last for one year, but they are intense and require an significant amount of time and dedication. FNU believes that offering an MBA online gives prospective students the opportunity to broaden their education while still managing their existing priorities.

FNU realizes that there are hundreds of masters programs to choose from. While many of these programs are so specific that it may limit your employment options, FNU has comprised a list of meritorious masters programs that will equip you to enter a profession with a wide array of possible job positions within its industry. FNU’s MBA program is among these.

About FNU’s Online MBA Program

The MBA program that FNU offers is designed to give undergraduates the opportunity to further their studies on to a Master’s level. The MBA program equips students with the knowledge and experience that gives soon-to-be graduates the ability to be considered one of the top candidates for a professional opportunity.

The MBA program requires 36 credits to graduate. There are 24 core courses. Additionally, students can select an area of concentration (9 credits) of the following concentrations:

General Management

  • Applied Managerial Finance II
  • Management and Operations in Service Organizations
  • Services Marketing


  • Services Marketing
  • Consumer Behavior
  • International Marketing


  • Applied Managerial Finance II
  • Financial Institutions and Markets
  • Corporate Finance

Health Services Administration

  • Health Care Finance
  • Health Informatics
  • Health Care Law and Legislation

Public Management & Leadership

  • Contemporary Project Management
  • Financial Management in Public Organizations
  • Administrative Law and Public Policy

There are a total of 9 credits needed for each concentration. Each course within the concentration is worth three credits. One three-credit Capstone course, MAN 5869, must be taken with the Health Service Administration or Public Management & Leadership concentration, totaling 12 credit hours.

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MBA Programs


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