Psychology, MA - Industrial/Organizational Psychology Specialization

Within our M.A. in Experimental Psychology program, students who are interested in applying psychology in business settings may choose an Industrial/Organizational psychology specialization. The courses in this specialized sequence prepare students for jobs in industry or more extensive study in a Ph.D. program. Graduates with this background are prepared for jobs that require the following skills:



job analysis

personnel selection


performance appraisal

empirical research

statistical analysis

technical writing

The projected job growth in these areas, nationally, is higher than average.

We welcome both full-time and part-time students. Two of our courses are available through Distance Learning: PY 502 and PY 503. Students will have opportunities to work in faculty research labs in our small, personalized department.

Prerequisites for the M.A. program are a Bachelor's degree in Psychology, including coursework in experimental design and statistics. Prospective students who do not yet have these pre-requisites can take the necessary pre-requisites in our undergraduate curriculum prior to applying to the graduate program; students should contact the Chair of the Psychology Department to discuss this possibility.


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