Resource and Environmental Economics BS

Lakehead University
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The sustainability of our environment and natural resources is a pressing 21st century issue. Our Honours Bachelor of Science in Resource and Environmental Economics program combines the academic structure of an economics degree with the scientific depth of an environmental science degree to help you understand how economic activity impacts the world around us. In light of growing concerns of climate change, Environmental Economists are in high demand in an effort to improve management strategies.

As a Resource and Environmental Economics student, you will examine resource allocation and decision-making processes with respect to policies related to water quality, air pollution, waste disposal, and climate change. The natural resources component of the program will focus on the economics of resource extraction, resource depletion, and sustainability.

Our program combines fundamentals from the following disciplines:


Environmental Studies


Political Science




Much like the economy, the environment and the discussion surrounding is constantly evolving. New theories and topics are always emerging in the field, making Resource and Environmental Economics a very exciting and ground-breaking discipline.

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Bachelor's programs


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