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>Online Accelerated BBA

The Online Accelerated Bachelor of Business & Administration is a one year, 6 module intensive program. This program is ideal for students, who have earned an associate’s degree or have worked directly after high school for at least 3 years in a managerial position in the same field or similar.

The SBS Online ACC BBA course is designed for managers to enhance their know-how expertise and will empower them with solid business theoretical aspects, ready to apply with an immediate effect in the global business arena.

The emphasis of the course is to equip professionals with theory and concepts to strengthen their extensive work experience and prepare them for graduate studies.


Tuition Fees

SBS Swiss Business School’s undergraduate curriculum is designed to give you the maximum degree of choice and flexibility, while also providing insights into all the major fields and functions of management. You will take business courses from many different disciplines and have the opportunity to concentrate in one or several major fields.

The program has a total of 6 modules containing two courses each. Each course takes 8 weeks to complete.

The final degree will be awarded by SBS Swiss Business School upon completion of the BBA/ACC-BBA program.

  • The student is required to work 50% during their studies 
  • Successful completion of SBS Admissions Exam
  • Fluency in English at a TOEFL IBT level of minimum 90 or IELTS of minimum 6.5 band score (if English is not your native language)
  • Successful completion of a personal interview with our Academic Dean, either in person or by phone/Skype


SBS Swiss Business School welcomes students who want to transfer from recognized educational institutions around the world. It is the responsibility of the student to have all official transcripts sent to the Admissions Office at SBS Swiss Business School. The admissions officer will decide on the transfer of credits based on the results of each subject. Credits can only be transferred for courses completed with grades of “C” or higher.

Tuition Fees

Tuition fees at SBS Swiss Business School can be paid in full or in installments according to the payment plan below.

Application fee (non-refundable)
CHF 1’375

*Administration Fee: CHF3,500.- (One-time fee, refund of 80% if the entry visa or the residence permit is refused by the Visa Authorities)

Academic Calender



With the Bachelor of Business Administration Program at SBS Swiss Business School  

    • My motivation to study at SBS Swiss Business School and join the Accelerated Bachelor of Business Administration was to complete my previous business studies. It was important for me to complete a Bachelor degree. That the whole program was in English was a plus for me. The whole program in English was my true and real motivation. The education at SBS helped me to find a new challenge. In the meantime, I found a new job and I believe this was because of SBS. The great thing about SBS is its multicultural approach. Generally said, the bologna system standardized the studies around the globe but even though, SBS found a unique way for a Bachelor program. Overall, it was a great experience for me. It was a very intense but interesting time. I very much liked the multicultural environment. Especially in a time where everything is “harmonized” in education, SBS was able to create a USP for their study programs. I can recommend SBS, because especially the AAE program for me it is a USP (part of supporting lifelong learning). Furthermore, it is a great opportunity to have the possibility in Switzerland of a program fully in English.

      Rudenz Aebi
    • My knowledge about the business world has expanded, and it would not have been so without the amazing classmates I was presented with throughout all three years! Their different backgrounds, cultures and experiences also helped to make me better in many aspects. I am excited to see what the future holds, and I wish everyone coming to SBS Swiss Business School much success!

      Samuel Chamberlin
    • SBS Swiss Business School provides education of high standard. Therefore, studying at SBS Swiss Business School is a great opportunity to receive education for career success. The past three years at SBS Swiss Business School were an amazing start for my career and receiving a business degree in an international environment was the best thing for me. Education at SBS Swiss Business School introduced me to the world of business and how it operates as well as meeting people having different cultural backgrounds. I would recommend SBS Swiss Business School for everyone wishing to receive a Bachelor degree in business education.

      Anna Zubovskaya
    • I joined SBS Swiss Business School because I was interested in an accelerated program to build a new career. I decided to join in the Accelerated BBA because it was the perfect match for me to balance between my family and my studies. I would recommend SBS to any person who is looking to get an education in a professional working environment. I truly have to say my experience at SBS was unforgettable.

      Claudia Ciambara
    • My academic year at SBS Swiss Business School was an enriched with the business knowledge which is the vital step for a person to enter the business world. Second, it was an enjoyable one for I was very glad to be introduced to friends and professors from different cultural backgrounds. This multi-cultural environment provided by our school helped me understand other cultures. It was a practical experiment to see how I would react in a multicultural workforce later on. Finally, it is an unforgettable experience with all the SBS family who, all, showed generous support to me and my classmates. I was honored to have the SBS family by my side through this academic year.

      Ghida Moukalled Mustapha
    • I wanted to achieve something that hasn’t been done by anyone in my family and with this achievement, it would be easier to accomplish a few of my life goals. I choose SBS because SBS had the proper format and flexibility that were not readily available at other schools. SBS has helped in many different aspects of my life. The most important way it has helped so far is that it taught me the basics needed to be a productive and valued added asset in the Swiss work force. I really liked that the lectures had the willingness to go the extra mile for all their students. My experience had several ups and downs but none the less very rewarding. I mean, what is life without the low and high points?

      Mathew John Weber
    • Having previously studied International Business in Canada, I was looking for a school which could further my knowledge with hands-on learning within a very international surroundings. There was always additional support from professors, program managers and the administration team if needed. An international student body also made for a personal learning experience. Understanding and learning about different cultures is something I always find interesting. I chose SBS Swiss Business School for the large range of programs as well as practical professional experiences next to studying. I was able to obtained two internships in large global industries, along with a part-time job throughout my studies where I was able to put theory into practice. I would recommend SBS Swiss Business School to anyone looking to improve the business knowledge from professors who work or have previously worked in the field they are teaching.

      Natalie Beishuizen
    • Since I did my High School in an international environment, I was looking to do my university degree in an international environment in order to have new experiences. SBS Swiss Business School provided it and it was and is a great education program. At SBS I was able to develop skills in the real business world and gain more knowledge in regards to the finance sector. Which is the sector I am now working in. The international environment and the staff were amazing and of course my classmates.

      Nulfi James Koithara
    • I choose SBS because I wanted great education, new challenges, to build and learn more about my passion and interest in finance and I wanted to be in an international environment. My three years at SBS gave me knowledge in various aspects related to business, provided with both theoretical (lectures) and practical (company visits) experience and helped to secure a job in Switzerland.

      Alexey Ivanov
    • Studying at SBS was a wonderful experience. For starters as an international student, it was a new experience learning in Switzerland, new country, new culture, new language, new everything! SBS definitely helped me settle into this new environment. It is diverse and brings people from other countries so we got to share these new experiences together.

      The lecturers are also from different places so when learning you not only get to learn of your current business environment but environments from around the world. In all research projects I was encouraged not think of the area I was in but to think of the world and how each place has to be tailored to it’s needs. I think this helped me most because I have been able to come back to my home country and apply all I have learnt.

      Geania Kabolesha

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