Social Media RSS Feed en Financial Engineering, MS <p>Sophisticated modeling and information technology now dominate the financial world. The theories and the practice of Finance are challenged today by complex financial and global systems and by dynamically changing regulatory environments and politics. A global world in transition creates both opportunities and challenges for financial engineers to adapt theoretical and financial constructs into profitable and innovative opportunities by creating innovative, custom-designed instruments in the marketplace.</p> <p>At the NYU School of Engineering, we train our students to do exactly that: to engineer the future of finance and transform financial theory into practice. The MS in Financial Engineering program furnishes students with foundational knowledge in financial concepts. This knowledge then becomes a springboard to specialized fields where students can apply concepts to everything from derivatives risk finance to financial IT and algorithmic trading on Big Data.</p> <p>Students follow one of four different tracks as they earn their degree:</p> <p>Financial Markets and Corporate Finance</p> <p>Computational Finance</p> <p>Technology and Algorithmic Finance</p> <p>Risk Finance</p> Fri, 11/16/2018 - 01:27 1344871 1344871 AI and Cyber Security - MBA module Business & IT <p>As our world, and with it business, becomes more digitized, so too increases the risk for organizations. Cybercrime and cyberattacks are in the news daily, and many companies are vulnerable. But is this strictly an IT problem or do we need to look at a broader range of issues and measures?</p> <p>Our Module AI and Cyber Security teaches you how you can prepare your organization for cyberattacks and the role Artificial Intelligence can play in this, as well as looking into the possibilities of using AI in growing your business.</p> <p>What will you get out of it?</p> <p>Knowledge about cyberattacks; crime, espionage or theft of funds or intellectual property.</p> <p>Insight in the measures you need to take against cyberattacks on the one hand, and safe innovation on the other.</p> <p>A strong foundation on current crises and compliance management theories and concepts.</p> <p>Insight in Artificial Intelligence and how it can help you counter cyberattacks as well as realize new possibilities for your organization.</p> <p>Intense discussion sessions with your peers and our experts train you to take a viewpoint and defend it, honing your understanding of the topic.</p> <p>A paper in which you show how you have applied what you have learned during the module in your business case.</p> <p>A certificate that proves you have successfully completed the module.</p> Fri, 11/16/2018 - 00:45 1342541 1342541 Doctorate in Philosophy Public Administration <p>Admission Requirements</p> <p>Program Requirements</p> <p>Research</p> <p>Courses</p> <p>The School of Political Studies located in the Faculty of Social Science offers graduate programs leading to the Master of Arts (MA) and the Doctorate of Philosophy (PhD) degrees in Public Administration.</p> <p>The main objective of the master programs is to provide students with leading-edge theoretical and conceptual knowledge to enable them to understand and analyze public administration, as well as equipping them with the know-how and skills necessary for success in a constantly changing organizational environment. Emphasis is placed on the development of research skills.</p> <p>The MA program aims to familiarize students with critical methods of knowledge production and to develop their capacity for conducting basic and applied research. Furthermore, they will develop the ability to extract from research the learning necessary for undertaking their responsibilities as public managers and policy analysts.</p> <p>The PhD program aims to prepare students for academic and research careers. The various components of the doctoral program (courses, comprehensive examination, thesis proposal, thesis and defence) are all designed to develop the student’s capacity for high level independent research in social sciences.</p> <p>The programs offer two fields or concentrations in public administration: public management and public policy. These fields are not mutually exclusive, but constitute the two main components of public administration studies.</p> <p>The MA program is offered both full- and part-time, whereas the PhD program is offered full-time only. The programs are offered in French and English and the use of both languages is encouraged. Students can choose the master’s with thesis or the master’s with research paper.</p> <p>Public Administration is a participating unit in the collaborative programs in Women’s Studies and in Environmental Sustainability (at the master's level).</p> <p>The programs are governed by the general regulations in effect for graduate studies. </p> Fri, 11/16/2018 - 00:30 1342382 1342382 International Commercial Law LLM <p>Global commercial transactions are becoming increasingly complex, posing new legal challenges in areas such as:</p> <p>cross-border contracts for the supply of goods or services</p> <p>finance and securities</p> <p>international dispute resolution.</p> <p>You’ll learn about the legal framework that governs commercial activities, cross-border transactions, and the harmonisation of commercial law. You’ll learn how to apply the law in a commercial setting and also develop critical perspectives so you can evaluate cutting-edge scenarios and recent reforms in international commercial law.</p> <p>The course is ideal if you’re already a legal practitioner in your home country, although this is not essential as long as you have completed a basic legal education.</p> <p>Why choose this course?</p> <p>Sussex has internationally recognised academics in the field of international commercial law.</p> <p>You have an opportunity to develop the practical skills needed to act as a legal adviser in the resolution of international commercial disputes.</p> <p>You learn to apply the rules of international commercial law. You have the opportunity to explore the relationships between international commercial law and related fields such as intellectual property and finance law and engage with cutting-edge research.</p> Fri, 11/16/2018 - 00:25 1342777 1342777 Diploma of Business <p>Looking for a pathway to a Bachelor Degree in Business, Information Technology or Tourism? </p> <p>The one-year Diploma of Business gives you the opportunity to develop your academic and business skills in areas that could include digital business, finance, management, economics and marketing. Successful completion of the diploma will guarantee you entry and up to eight units of credit towards a range of Southern Cross University business, tourism and information technology degrees.</p> <p>The Diploma of Business award is offered through SCU College, which understands that learners have diverse experiences and ways of learning. The College supports your study success and connects you to your peers through additional workshops to assist you develop academic and study skills.</p> Fri, 11/16/2018 - 00:08 1342053 1342053 Master of Laws (Business Law) <p>The Master of Laws (Business Law) (LLM) will help you develop an advanced understanding of the various fields of corporate and commercial law, and equip you with highly sought-after skills. Receive productive learning outcomes with cutting-edge content in emerging business law fields such as Intellectual Property, Global Business Law and Competition Law – with traditional business law subjects.</p> <p>A Masters in business law offers you the opportunity to further develop your critical thinking and analytical skills, while gaining in-depth legal knowledge to strengthen your professional practice.</p> Fri, 11/16/2018 - 00:06 1342055 1342055 Master of International Tourism and Hotel Management <p>The Master of International Tourism and Hotel Management is designed for students who wish to gain a higher degree to help them secure senior management employment in tourism or hospitality organisations. It equips graduates with advanced business acumen, management skills and specialised industry knowledge considered essential for managerial-level graduates. Graduates of this course will emerge as confident leaders, sensitive to complex issues and challenges that at times confront the global tourism and hotel industries.</p> <p>The degree is flexible, enabling students to choose a study plan that matches their career path. Students study core business management units then select from a range of specialised units relevant to their career path including tourism management, gaming management, hotel management and convention and event management.</p> <p>A Graduate Certificate and Graduate Diploma in International Tourism and Hotel Management are also available.</p> <p>Students who have completed a relevant Bachelor degree may receive four units of advanced standing towards the Masters degree.</p> Fri, 11/16/2018 - 00:00 1343133 1343133 Master of Forest Science and Management <p>In addition to being the lungs of the Earth, forests must be effectively managed to balance the need for wood production, biodiversity conservation, water quality protection, carbon storage and many other issues.<br /> <br /> The Master of Forest Science and Management gives you the opportunity to gain expertise for an industry that is key to the economic success of many countries, but which has numerous challenges associated with climate change, the commoditisation of forest products and land management. <br /> <br /> You will study subjects aimed at problem solving and innovation for resource management, with a focus on the environmental science impacts of forestry. Strategic planning and management of forests and forest resources are both features of this course.</p> <p>You will also have the opportunity to focus your research on a topic that you are passionate about, with the expert guidance of researchers who are world leaders in the field. </p> <p>Graduates will have career opportunities in a range of fields related to plantation and natural forest management in Australia and around the world.</p> Thu, 11/15/2018 - 23:55 1342979 1342979 Sociology and Social Sciences research degrees PhD <p>Social science research at Hull is focused on creating a positive impact on the real-life conditions and experiences of individuals and communities, at a local, national and global level.</p> <p>Our work has contributed to the renowned Global Slavery Index, which charts the scale of contemporary slavery, and has affected policy changes at all levels.</p> <p>To help achieve this, we encourage and develop innovative yet pragmatic approaches to research. This means actively encouraging involvement from both academic and non-academic users to ensure that the main beneficiaries of our research are not only key policy makers and public sector professionals, but are also users of health and social care services, and those working in voluntary and community organisations.</p> <p>We offer PhDs in the following areas:</p> <p>PhD Media, Culture and Society</p> <p>PhD Gender Studies</p> <p>PhD Social Policy</p> <p>PhD Sociology</p> <p>PhD Sociology and Social Anthropology</p> <p>PhD Social Justice</p> <p>PhD Social Policy and Gender Studies</p> <p>PhD Sociology and Anthropology and Gender Studies</p> <p>During your four-year programme (seven years part-time) you will research and write a dissertation of 70,000 to 100,000 words on a topic chosen in conjunction with your supervisor.</p> Thu, 11/15/2018 - 23:42 1341237 1341237 MSc in Public Engagement and Science Communication <p>About the course</p> <p>Science and technology has a key role to play in modern global and regional issues. To deal with them, decision makers and the general public need to be able to make evidence based choices. The MSc in Public Engagement and Science Communication will equip you with the skills (both communication and critical thinking) to effectively and efficiently explain complex issues in a way that is appropriate and relevant to the audience. In doing so, you'll have the skills to collaborate more effectively and lead in your future career.</p> <p>This MSc is a cross faculty programme that taps into the most creative elements of science, drama and English to create a course that challenges science graduates to become engaging communicators. Along with the fundamentals of science communication, you'll have the opportunity to work with creative writers, theatre performers, and journalists to help you explore the medium you're most comfortable with and interested in. You'll also have the opportunity to gain real world experience through a work placement.</p> <p>Alongside the taught modules, you'll conduct a piece of research into science communication, with the support of an academic supervisor and our social scientists. You'll learn through doing, and assignments will be based on real science communication activities. If you choose to write, you'll be encouraged to publish; if you take the drama modules, you will also take to the stage. This programme gives you the freedom to explore your creative ideas, whilst being guided and supervised by experienced science communicators.</p> <p>What you'll study</p> <p>Experiential learning and authentic assessments are central to the programme. You will practice and develop through applying your knowledge and talents in real world settings.</p> <p>From the outset of the programme, you will be expected to develop ideas for your own public engagement activities. First trimester modules underpin this by setting the historical and philosophical scene, the present scene and the evaluation of future activities.</p> <p>The second trimester allows you to build on your plans and deliver them during placements or through your own initiative. Alongside these experiential modules, specific creative skill sets are developed via drama or creative non-fiction modules. </p> <p>The final dissertation allows you to investigate aspects of your own or others public engagement activities through a piece of novel, independent and relevant research.</p> <p>Core module</p> <p>All modules are subject to availability and this list may change at any time.</p> <p> </p> <p>Dissertation in Public Engagement and Science Communication</p> <p>Compulsory modules</p> <p>All modules are subject to availability and this list may change at any time.</p> <p> </p> <p>Practice and Principles of Science and Communication and Public Engagement</p> <p>Research Design and Methodology</p> <p>Explore the key features of qualitative and qualitative research designs, including evaluation research. This module enables you to choose appropriate methodological approaches and research design in full awareness of their strengths and limitations, for addressing research questions​.</p> <p>Science Reason and Values</p> <p>Optional modules</p> <p>All modules are subject to availability and this list may change at any time.</p> <p> </p> <p>Public Engagement Through Applied Performance</p> <p>Creative Non-Fiction</p> <p>Through the likes of travel writing, true crime, narrative history, and biography, learn how to take readers with you as you explore your world. You'll mine creative nonfiction writers to see how they conjure effects, learn how to investigate archives and conduct field trips and interviews, and expand your writing's horizons.</p> <p>Science Communication, Activity Design and Delivery</p> <p>Public Engagement Placement</p> Thu, 11/15/2018 - 23:40 1338494 1338494