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Financial aid

Amridge University recognizes the importance of a quality education and is dedicated to helping students find a way to achieve their higher education goals. Scholarships are awarded each semester to new and current students within the various school and colleges of the University.

Lock in your tuition rate through Graduation and receive an additional tuition discount for each semester you are enrolled full-time. To be eligible for locking in your tuition, you must be officially admitted into Amridge University, remain in good academic standing within the degree program in which you are enrolled and fulfill all Satisfactory Academic Progress Standards.  Students must stay continuously enrolled in each of the Fall and Spring semesters.

For further information, please contact the Financial Aid Office at 1.800.351.4040 Ext. 7523, 7525 and 7527 or by email at financialaid@amridgeuniversity.edu.

Guidelines for Scholarships

Amridge University-based scholarships cannot be combined. If eligible for more than one scholarship, Amridge will award the highest scholarship amount.

Continuous enrollment at Amridge University is defined as enrolling for Fall and Spring terms.

Scholarships, discounts, and grants will only be applied toward the cost of tuition.

No student will be awarded a scholarship unless his or her account from previous terms is paid in full.

Required documentation must be received in the financial aid office before classes begin.

No combination of financial aid awarded that includes scholarships or institutional grants (institutionally controlled funds) may result in a cash overpayment to the student. If such a situation should occur, the scholarship or grant (institutionally controlled funds) portion of the award will be reduced.

Full-time equivalency enrollment is required for most scholarships

Maintain a cumulative GPA for the program

Not make the grade of “F” in any course taken

Not drop a course within the semester

Not withdrawing from the university within the semester

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Financial aid


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