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AU bursaries are intended to help those students who need it most. AU considers it a priority to address financial privation that jeopardizes students' ability to continue their studies. As Canada’s Open University, AU strives to remove the barriers of income level in part by providing, and encouraging support for, student financial bursaries.

All bursaries managed by Athabasca University require students to follow an application process as outlined in the description of each bursary listed below.

Albert & Pirkko Karvonen Environmental Science or Biology Bursary

Alberta Blue Cross 50th Anniversary Bursary

AU Access Fund for Students with Disabilities

AU Access to Students with Disabilities Education Bursary

AU Access to Students with Disabilities Technology & Support Services Bursary

AU Community Contributor Bursary

AU Doctoral Level Student Bursaries

AU First Nation Colleges Student Awards

AU Graduate Level Student Bursaries

AU MBA Faculty of Business Bursary

AU Natural Disaster Convocation Bursary

AU Natural Disaster Emergency Bursary

AU PLAR Bursary

AU Undergraduate Student Bursaries

Carter Yellowbird Indigenous Bursary

Edmonton-Glenora Rotary Bursary

Faculty of Health Disciplines Travel Bursaries 

Indigenous Technology Bursary

MEF Metis Scholar Awards

Peggy Harrison Single Parent Bursary

Rotary Club of Athabasca Bursary

Sunny Bleich Completion Bursary for Undergraduate Students

Walker Wood Foundation Undergraduate First in Family Bursarie

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Prizes & contests


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