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Undergraduate scholarships

Merit Scholarships 

Merit scholarships awarded through the admissions process are for eight semesters and include a cumulative GPA requirement. The initial GPA review takes place after four semesters. Students who fail to achieve the required GPA will have their scholarship reduced anywhere from 10-50 percent depending on how far below the standard their GPA is. Students who fail to achieve the required GPA after their first year will receive a warning letter but will maintain the full value of the scholarship.

Scholarship Appeal/Reinstatement

Students who wish to appeal a loss of scholarship money based on unusual circumstances (health/medical issues, extenuating family problems, etc.) must do so in writing to the chair of the Scholarship Committee. Students who have had their scholarships reduced for failure to maintain the proper cumulative grade point average may have their original award re-instated by either:

Raising their cumulative grade point average above the minimum required for the award (this increase will be done automatically at the end of the semester).

Achieving the minimum grade point average in each of two successive semesters (these students need to appeal in writing to the chair of the Scholarship Committee).

These increases will take effect for the subsequent semesters and are not retroactive.

Upperclass Scholarship Program

While the value of the merit scholarship awarded to incoming students does not increase, the Upperclass Scholarship program provides an opportunity for additional scholarship aid. Each spring, returning students are notified of the opportunity to apply for the Upperclass Scholarship. Award criteria includes academic achievements, community involvement and a professor recommendation. Financial need can influence the final amount of the award.CONTACT FINANCIAL AID

Hours: Mon. - Fri.: 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.  
Phone number:  301-447-5207

Other University Scholarships

The Mount is fortunate to have so many alumni and friends who support our students through our endowed scholarship program. The scholarships below are awarded to currently enrolled students based on their accomplishments on campus. Amounts are determined annually.

Class of 2009 Nicole Spencer Memorial Scholarship

Awarded by the Division of Education to a rising senior based on financial need, academic merit and participation with Campus Ministry.

Elizabeth S. Dinunzio Memorial Scholarship

Awarded by the Division of Education to a rising junior with an interest in Spanish based on financial need and academic merit.

Eugene M. Waldron Sr. and Julia Mohler Waldron Education Scholarship

Awarded by the Division of Education based on academic merit, extracurricular activities and community service.

Kierniesky Nik "Keep Faith" Scholarship

Awarded by the Psychology Department to a rising junior or senior. A minimum 3.0 GPA required.

LTC John Gregory Heck USA (Ret.) Leadership Scholarship

Awarded by the Institute for Leadership to a rising senior who demonstrates exemplary skills, character and knowledge to become a caring and ethical leader. Financial need is not a consideration.

Nancy McClary and Lewis William McAllister Music Scholarship

Awarded by the Department for Visual and Performing Arts to an upperclass student based on academic merit and music ability.

Phillip E. Wychodski Theater Scholarship

Awarded by the Department for Visual and Performing Arts to an upperclass student based on academic merit and ability in the theatre arts.

Reverend Carl J. Fives National Alumni Scholarship

Awarded by the alumni office to rising seniors based on financial need, service to the Mount and service to the student’s local community. A minimum 3.0 GPA is required.

Saint Joseph College Alumnae Association

Awarded by the alumni office to a rising senior or transfer junior or senior who demonstrates financial need and provides a written letter of recommendation from a faculty member. Preference will be given to students with a verified connection to an alumna of St. Joseph College.

Thomas Merton Award

Full-tuition scholarship awarded to a rising junior who is a practicing Catholic and in good standing with the Church with demonstrated community service to the Mount.  Academic performance and financial need can be considered.  Students must be nominated by their peers or a faculty member.

William G. McGowan Scholarship in Business

Awarded by the Richard J. Bolte, Jr. School of Business to rising seniors based on academic merit, financial need and a required essay. A minimum 3.2 GPA is required. 

Need-Based Financial Aid

Students looking to apply for additional need-based financial aid must file the FAFSA. In addition to university-funded grants, other types of need-based financial aid include federal grants, loans and work study as well as state grants for Maryland residents.

FAFSA Details

For the 2019-20 academic year, the FAFSA becomes available in October 2018. Because the income requested on the application is from 2017, all families should be in a position to file the FAFSA once it becomes available.


If you are a first-time aid applicant, you and one of your parents must apply for and receive an FSA ID. It typically takes two to three days to receive the ID, which serves as an electronic signature. To apply for your FSA ID, go to and click on the icon at the top of the page that says FSA ID. You will need two FSA ID numbers–one for you and one for a parent.


March 1 All returning students must submit their FAFSA prior to March 1. Those who fail to meet this deadline risk losing need-based aid, including their work-study position. Students will receive their financial aid award letter via email during the first two weeks of June.

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Undergraduate scholarships


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