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At UTSA, we are committed to the success of our students. To recognize students’ academic achievements in high school, UTSA offers the Distinguished Presidential Scholarship. Non-resident and international students who receive the Distinguished Presidential Scholarship will be granted a waiver to qualify for in-state tuition for each academic year they are awarded this scholarship.

Freshmen Applying Fall 2018

ELIGIBILITY: Fall admitted freshmen will be given automatic consideration; for this scholarship based on academic merit. This scholarship is valued up to $24,000 for up to four years if renewal eligibility is maintained. The value is awarded on a competitive basis, while funding is available.

Please note participants in the UT-Austin Coordinated Admission Program (CAP) are not eligible for this scholarship.

Term of the Award

Freshmen Awards:  Your Distinguished Presidential Scholarship has been awarded for a total of eight consecutive semesters of eligibility, fall and spring, toward completion of your first undergraduate degree, provided you meet the following renewal criteria by the end of each spring semester.

Semester Criteria

You must remain enrolled in UTSA courses as a full-time undergraduate student with a minimum of 12 UTSA credit hours each fall and spring semester in order for your scholarship to disburse.  Although your scholarship will disburse at 12 UTSA credit hours, UTSA highly recommends you complete a minimum of 15 credit hours per semester to ensure you successfully complete a total of 30 UTSA credit hours by the end of each spring.  If you enroll for fewer than 12 UTSA credit hours and your scholarship did not disburse, you forfeit that semester’s award, and that semester still counts against your maximum award terms of eligibility.  However, your scholarship may still be renewed as long as you meet annual renewal criteria. 

Renewal Criteria

All new and continuing Distinguished Presidential Scholarship recipients must successfully complete a minimum of 30 UTSA credit hours by the end of each spring semester with a minimum 2.5 UTSA cumulative GPA.  You must be continuously enrolled at UTSA in order to have your scholarship renewed for the next academic year.  Any break in enrollment without an approved deferment on file with the Financial Aid and Scholarships Office will result in a loss of your scholarship.

Qualifying Types of Credit Hours

UTSA Credit Courses (excludes repeated courses)

UTSA Sponsored study-abroad courses

The following do not satisfy credit-hour requirements for renewal eligibility; however, these may be used toward your overall credits for degree completion.

Consortium agreement courses, repeating a course, receiving an incomplete or auditing a course

Advanced Placement credits, dual degree credits, transfer credits from other colleges/universities or correspondence courses.

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Change of Status – Scholarship Deferment

If you require leaving UTSA, to retain your scholarship upon returning, your deferment must be approved by the UTSA Financial Aid and Scholarships Office before you leave.

Acceptable deferment reasons are circumstances outside of your control or a unique learning experience related to your studies at UTSA.

Qualified deferments are permitted only after completing at least one successful semester at UTSA. 

If you leave the university without an approved deferment on file, you will forfeit your scholarship.

If you leave UTSA to attend another post-secondary institution, you will forfeit your scholarship.

Options for Students Not Meeting Renewal Criteria

If you do not meet or exceed the renewal criteria by the end of each spring semester, consider the following options:

Start with your academic advisor.  Your advisor can help you understand your options and help you reach your academic goals. They can get you in the right courses and also connect with tutoring and other programs that will help you succeed.

Enroll in UTSA summer session courses.  If you need to complete additional UTSA credit hours or increase your UTSA cumulative GPA to meet renewal criteria, you can take summer classes to make up these deficiencies.  If you do not meet renewal criteria after taking summer session courses, you may not file an appeal.  If is your responsibility to work with your advisor to determine the feasibility of the UTSA summer enrollment option.

Scholarship Maintenance Plan

If you are at risk of losing your scholarship, the Scholarship Maintenance Plan can help you get back on track and may let you retain a portion of your academic award.  The scholarship maintenance plan is designed to help you if you are at risk of losing your Distinguished Presidential Scholarship or your Distinguished Transfer Scholarship by allowing you to retain a portion of the scholarship award value.

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Fully Renewing Your Scholarship

In order to renew 100% of your scholarship, you must successful complete the following by the end of each academic year (fall, spring and immediately following summer):

Earn 30 UTSA credits in one academic year

Earn a UTSA 2.5 cumulative GPA

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