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Financial aid


Disclaimer: The details mentioned below are only indicative. ISB does not take the responsibility for change in any terms & conditions, rate of interest or coverage at the bank / financial institution level. The particulars of the loan facilities shall be as per the sanction letters and loan agreements entered in to between the bank / financial institution and the student. As a policy, we have made it mandatory for all students availing an educational loan, to insure the loan. Your loan banker will be able to provide more information on this.

Interest rate Repayment period Moratorium EMI Option Collateral Security Payment of Interest Pre-payment Charges Contact point  

Maximum repayment period is 10 years. The accrued interest during the moratorium period is to be added to principal while repayment in EMI is fixed
Option-1: StandardOption-2: Remittance of only interest during the first two years and balance interest and principal to be adjusted and collected within the remaining period. 
Phone: 040-23421106 / 107 / 1092)Mr.V V Ramam, Chief Manager, Mobile No: 9490988255Mohali Branch:Phone:  0172- 5044676, 2220676

Interest rate Repayment period Moratorium EMI Option Payment of Interest Pre-payment Charges Contact point

(floating rate linked with MCLR Rates) 

Margin Money  Rate of Interest Processing Fee Amount Contact Point  

Parents/Siblings/Spouse as additional co-borrower
Self-employed: Up to Rs. 3 crore with suitable collateral
Interest rate
Repayment period
EMI Payment optionFlexi Payment option with a long tenor ranging from 2 to 20 years. By adding the Flexi Hybrid feature to the loan, withdraw and borrow from the credit limit multiple times and pay only interest as EMI. Repay the principal at the end of the tenor.
Pre-payment/ pre-closure charges
Insurance Cover
Contact point
Interest rate
- For loans above Rs. 7.50 lakhs: Maximum 15 years (excluding moratorium)
- Up to Rs. 40.00 lakhs: Co-obligation of parents/guardian and assignments of future income.- Above Rs. 40.00 lakhs: Tangible collateral security equal to 100% of the loan amount plus assignment of future income
Pre-payment charges
Contact No. 040-23118828 040-23421647 / 646 | Email: Chief Manager

Interest rate Repayment period Moratorium EMI Option Contact point

15 Years above Rs. 7.5 Lakhs
Acceptable by the bank

Maximum loan amount Interest rate Moratorium EMI Repayment Source Security

EMI starts from the next month from the date of disbursement
Personal guarantees of Students/Parents/Sponsors

Bank of Kathmandu Limited, P.O. Box 9044,Kamal Pokhari, Kathmandu, Nepal

Quantum of loan Other Details 

Students should be Indian nationals 
Up to Rs. 36 Lakhs. Margin is 5% (student contribution out of the total cost of the study) loan can be up to 95% of the total cost of the study. 
2. Loan will be given jointly to student and parent/guardian as co-applicant. 
  1. Simple interest till completion of course and moratorium period. 
All Educational loans under Vidya Turant can be covered under CSIS Scheme (Central Scheme for interest Subsidy for ELs up to 10 Lakhs for those students whose parental /family income upper limit is Rs.4.50 Lakhs). The interest subsidy is equal to the interest debited to the account during the course period moratorium period (1year+1year). 

Megha hills,  Madhapur,

Interest rate Repayment period Security Collateral Pre-payment Charges Insurance Cover Processing Fees Contact point

11.75% (floating) with interest repayment during course
Maximum loan amount
Interest rate
Repayment Period
Moratorium  Period 
Margin, Pre Payment, and processing charges NIL
Insurance CoverLife Insurance Policy is mandatory for the loan limit sanctioned covering the entire loan period. (i.e. Study Period, Holiday / Moratorium Period and Repayment Period). It can be done under the group life insurance policy i.e., New IB Jeevan Vidya (offered by LIC) /IB Vidyarthi Suraksha (offered by IB Met Life) or under any other policy, as desired by the student borrowers. The premium payable for the policy may be considered as an element, eligible for finance.
Contact pointContact No: 040-23000889, Mobile No:9848172875Contact No: 7036248811 E-mail: No: 0172-4591632 / 33, /

Interest rate Repayment period Moratorium EMI Pre-payment Charges Processing Charges   

Period) and thereafter interest will be compounded
Ms. S. Swapna, Manager (Loans Department) – 9912053583Mr. Karan Khurana, Assistant Manager –8708699441MADHAPUR BRANCH, HYDERABAD

Repayment period Moratorium Security Pre-payment Charges

Mr. Surya Prakash Rao, Branch Manager : +91- 9949031301, +91-9611356445


Syndicate Bank Interest rate Add ons Processing & Documentations charges. Expenses Considered Contact point

BR+ 0.50 (Presently 10.20%) If interest is served during Moratorium period, otherwise 1% additional interest. 0.5% concession to girl students.
  • Open self introduced SB A/c with Debit-cum-ATM Card.
  • Avail Additional Loan up toRs. 3.00 lakhs if selected to go abroad under student exchange scheme during the second year of the course in Management, up to the maximum loan of Rs. 20.00 lakhs.
Loans Above 7.50 lakhs – Up to 15 years(exclusive of moratorium period) 
  • Examination/Library/Laboratory fee
  • Insurance premium, if applied.
  • Caution deposit, building fund/refundable deposit supported by institution bills/receipts (ceiling 10% of tuition fee , if refundable deposit undertaking by student  agreeing to credit to loan proceeds after completion of course)
  • Study tours, equipments, computers and any other(ceiling of 20% of the tuition fee)
Khairatabad,  Hyderabad,

Logo Loan Tenure Security Payment of Interest Pre-payment Charges Contact point

Following points will be considered :a) Security - Constructed property.Plot should be collector N.A. and duly fenced.b) Age of the property should not be more than 30 Years for commercial property and 25 Years in case of residential Property. Residual life of the property should be more than the Loan Tenure. The Property should have a completion certificate from the competent authority.c) Property can be mortgaged by way of registered mortgage.d) Banks charge acknowledgement copy registered on the property will have to be kept on record.e) Security shall be free from any previous charges

Hyderguda, King Koti Road,


Interest rate Repayment period EMI Payment of Interest Pre-payment Charges Contact Details

More than 20 lakhs
Acceptable by the bank

  Maximum loan amount Interest rate Repayment period Security Payment of Interest Pre-payment Charges Contact point

20 Lakhs or 95% of the cost whichever is lower (inclusive of insurance cover on the loan amount)
  • Loans exceeding Rs. 4 lakhs upto Rs. 10 lakhs: Third Party Guarantee.
  • Loans sbove Rs. 10 lakhs: Tangible collateral security in the form of Land/Building (minimum value shall be 1.33 times of the loan amount sanctioned), LIC, Fixed Deposit, etc.(minimum value shall be 1.1 times of the loan amount sanctioned). The Land offered as collateral security should not be an agricultural land.

Branch Address - Plot num - 81, Diamond park, Vinayakanagar colony, Gachibowli stadium roadGachibowli, Hyderabad - 500032 

Interest rate Repayment period Security Charges Documents Required Contact point  

TAT: 2-3 working days after submission of all the documents along with applicationReimbursement of fees already paid will be allowed within 6 months.
2. Proof of age4. PAN No. of Applicant and Co-obligants with 3years ITRs & Latest salary slip5. Proof having passed the last qualifying examination6. Letter of admission8. Details of Assets & Liabilities of Applicant and Co-obligants along with proofs9. Receipt for the amount of fee already paid 10. Any other document/ information, depending upon the case

Security Payment of Interest Contact point

Loans Above 4 Lakhs need to be secured by way of one or two guarantors acceptable to the bank.Loans above 7.5 Lakhs are required  to be secured by tangible collateral equivqlent to 12.5 % of the loan amount.
  1. Proof of age
  2. PAN no. of  the Co-Borrowers with 3years ITRs & Latest salary slip
  3. Proof having passed the last qualifying examination.
  4. Letter of admission
  5. Any other document/ information, depending upon the case and purpose of the loan.

Guarantor/Surety/ Collateral Interest rate Special Offer to ISB Student Processing Fee Repayment period Insurance Cover Contact point  

No Collateral Security required.
- Company Sponsorship / assistantship to be included in margin- Margin may be brought in as and when disbursements are made on a pro-rata basis at applicable rates
@ MCLR for loans up to 20 lacs which is 9.60 %    Only Simple interest charged during moratorium period
MCLR + 1% for loans above 20 lacs ( Negotiable )
Student is eligible to
 Rs 2500 + Service Tax for Loans above 20 Lacs
Interest rate
Repayment Type
Contact No. +91-9985784567 | Email: Contact No. +91-9988003498 | Email: amamrjit.sodhi@icicibank.comCentral Contact

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