Entrance awards for first-year residents and off-campus residents

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1. Residence Entrance Award 

Purpose of award:

To financially support a male student who has potential for leadership in Grebel's residential program.


First-year male student holding a one or two-term residence contract with the college.

Student who can demonstrate leadership experience and who has the potential for giving leadership in the Grebel community

2. Dorothy Bechtel Entrance Award - 1 at $1000

Purpose of award:

Dorothy Bechtel served as the first woman chair of the Conrad Grebel University College Board of Governors. This award is in recognition of Dorothy’s leadership and its purpose is to support and promote excellent female leadership in the residential program of Grebel.


First-year female student holding a one or two-term residence contract with Grebel.

Student who can demonstrate leadership experience and who has the potential for  giving leadership in the Grebel community.

3. PeaceWorks Technology Solutions Award - 3 at up to $500 each

Purpose of award:

To encourage “Computer Tech” Grebel residence students to demonstrate commitment to peace and justice issues. 


Students who are holding an upcoming one term contract for a residence or apartment space.

Students enrolled in Information Technology courses at the University of Waterloo (e.g. Computer Science, Engineering) 

Students who demonstrate a commitment to issues of peace and justice.

Preference may be given to students who have been or plan to be enrolled in Peace and Conflict courses.

4. Stauffer Entrance Awards - 2 at $500 each

Purpose of award:

To affirm the entrance of Mennonite students into residence at CGUC who exhibit leadership and community building qualities.


First-year student holding a residence contract with Grebel

Mennonite church participant

First-year students who can demonstrate how they plan to contribute to community life at Grebel.

Preference will be given to students enrolled in Arts

Preference will be given to students enrolled in areas taught by Grebel

5. Richard and Betty Dyck Volunteerism Entrance Award 2 @ $1000 each

Purpose of award:

The Award is to support excellent first year students who exhibit a spirit of service and volunteerism for entry into the residence program at Conrad Grebel University College.


Students who can demonstrate experience in community service and volunteerism,

Students entering their first year in Conrad Grebel University College residence

6. Out of Province Mennonite Entrance Awards - $1000 each

Purpose of award:

To financially support new Mennonite students coming to the University of Waterloo and living at Conrad Grebel College from outside of Ontario.


New student to Grebel from an MC Canada or MC USA congregation outside of Ontario.

Accepted into the University of Waterloo or Wilfrid Laurier University.

 Holding an upcoming 2 term residence contract.

Application instructions:

No application is required. Students meeting the above criteria will automatically receive the award as a deduction from their residence fees.

7. Rockway Mennonite Collegiate Diploma Scholarships

If you are receiving (or have received) a Rockway Mennonite Collegiate Diploma which includes successful completion of the Religious Studies courses and the service requirements, then you are eligible to receive a $500 residence scholarship. Ask your Guidance Counselor at Rockway Mennonite Collegiate to inform by email, Rebekah DeJong, Recruitment and Student Life Coordinator, about your eligibility for this award. No application letter required.

8. Matching Mennonite Congregational Student Aid

Conrad Grebel University College wants to partner with its Mennonite congregations to support its students. Grebel will match up to $250 per term, for each undergraduate student living in Grebel's residence. Most students do 2 terms per year at the University of Waterloo, so the average student will receive a $500 reduction in Grebel residence fees in addition to support from their Mennonite Church Eastern Canada congregation.

Ask if your congregation has a Faith Formation or Student Aid fund as part of its budget. Students apply for the support from the congregation (note that each congregation will have individual forms and deadlines). When your congregation approves the support, the congregation sends a cheque with a memo listing the student(s) who are receiving the support. In addition to the congregational support, Grebel will deduct the matching amount directly from the student’s account.

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