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Undergraduate scholarships

A continuing scholarship valued up to $1000 can be extended into upper years if students who entered Renison with a minimum admission average of 80% meet the following conditions:

They must achieve an overall average of 83.0% each term.

Students in Social Development Studies must take a minimum of 4 Renison courses per year. Students in Honours Arts must take a minimum of 2 Renison courses per year. Students must be Renison-registered. 

A Continuing Scholarship valued up to $1000 can be extended into upper years if students who entered Renison with a minimum admission average of 80% meet specific conditions  



If you are applying to post-secondary education for the first time when you apply to Renison, you will be automatically considered for an entrance scholarship. Some conditions apply (see below).

We'll use your admission average to determine which scholarship you receive.

Entrance Scholarship

The Renison Entrance Scholarship recipient with the highest overall admission average above 85% will be designated as The Revโ€™d Gerald T. Churchill Memorial Entrance Scholarship recipient. This designation is to honour the memory of The Revโ€™d Gerald T. Churchill, member of the College's Board of Governors from 1977 to 1987. This award offers an additional $500 to the financial value of the Renison University College Entrance Scholarship.

Note 1

If a student qualifies for a Renison Entrance or Continuing Scholarship, in addition to a bursary or fee remission from the College, the amount of the scholarship will be adjusted so that the total amount awarded shall not exceed the total tuition for the period in which the scholarship is held. 

Note 2

If a student withdraws or otherwise fails to complete the term(s) covered by an award, the award will be prorated.

Note 3

The Board of Governors of Renison University College reserves the right to make changes without notice in the published value and number of entrance scholarships awarded each year.

A Continuing Scholarship valued up to $1000 can be extended into upper years if students who entered Renison with a minimum admission average of 83.0% meet specific conditions


The Rita Lee-Chui International Education Fund exists to support studentsโ€™ international education experiences connected to Renison degree courses and programs through the allocation of a travel bursary. Students participating in international travel related to Renison degree course or programs are eligible. Apply to The Rita Lee-Chui International Education Fund 

Rita Lee-Chui (1915-2016) was a long time supporter of Renison. Her legacy at the College includes the Florence Li Tim-Oi Memorial Award and the Florence Li Tim-Oi Memorial Reading Room in Renison's library, both named in honour of her sister, The Rev. Florence Li Tim-Oi, the first woman in the world ordained an Anglican priest.

For her commitment to Renison and support of its students, as well as for her passion for travel and education, Renison named this international education fund for Rita as a memorial to her efforts and generosity.

Other Scholarships 


These scholarships are presented annually to a full-time student in each of the first, second and third years of study for outstanding academic performance. They are available to students registered in the Social Development Studies program and to students following an Arts program who have registered through Renison University College.


The Chartwells Scholarship is available to Renison resident students who are part of the Warrior Academic Leadership Community. A total of $5000 shall be disbursed as follows:  The student with the highest overall term average (based on a minimum of four courses) shall be awarded up to $3000.  

The student with the second-highest overall term average shall be awarded up to $2000.  If, for any reason, the full amount cannot be disbursed to these two students, the remainder shall be awarded to the student with the third-highest overall term average. This scholarship will be presented at the Awards Dinner which is last College dinner of the academic year.

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Undergraduate scholarships


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