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Research/project funding

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Master's and doctoral students will be charged full- or part-time tuition based on their status at the time of admission. Permission to change registration status after admission is only by appeal and subject to the approval of the Graduate Student Appeals Committee. Students who successfully petition to change their registration status may have their tuition fees adjusted as a result. Incidental fees will be charged according to a student's registration status in a particular term.


Laurier will pay out your award in instalments, one at each term, starting with the term you selected on your notice of acceptance (or, where no formal notice of acceptance is required, commencing the term in which the funding is held). Such awards would include Tri-Council funding, OGS/QEII, Scholarships, Balsillie Fellowships or Studentships (but excludes employment earnings such as teaching and research assistantships).

The award is applied, along with any other scholarships awarded to you by Laurier, against your student account (tuition and incidental fees). Any outstanding payments owed to the university will be deducted at source before a refund is issued to you (by direct deposit) for the balance.


Laurier does not automatically refund the credit balance from your student account.

Students with a credit balance on their student account due to an award or studentships must request a refund using the Refund Request Form, as well as the Direct Deposit Authorization Form.

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Research/project funding


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