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In 1994, with the approval of the Board of Regents, the Center in cooperation with the School of Government and Management and the Graduate School launched the Masters and Doctoral Fellowships Program.

Awardees of the Fellowship Program competitions will be entitled to the following:

Official leave of absence from their home institution (if working) and, therefore, will be paid the regular basic salary and allowances for the entire duration of their graduate studies at USEP;

Full tuition and fees at USEP;

Supervised thesis or dissertation work at the Center as early as the inception of the graduate studies and, therefore, ensures timely or early completion of the fellowโ€™s graduate program;

Enhanced exposure to policy research and policy research management;

Recognition of published work at the Center and, therefore, ensures utilization of research output;

Opportunities to attend local, regional, national and international conference as paper presenter, panelist, or discussant through a national or international grant that may be made available to the Center; and

Other opportunities that go with the grant.

Successful applicant must:

Enroll in his chosen graduate program on full-time basis (i.e., 12 units per semester);

Serve as Senior Research Associate (for Doctoral Fellows) and Research Associate (for Masters Fellow) at the Center;

Maintain a grade point average of at least 1.5 and must not have a failing grade in any subject; and

If working with a government agency, comply with a service contract per CSC rules and regulations.

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