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Undergraduate scholarships

Outside scholarships and grants are awards given by people, organizations, and companies to individual students to assist them with their college education. Scholarship and grant qualifications are set by the provider and can be quite specific, such as students from a particular high school, students with a certain college major, female students, students from Hispanic families, students who are freshmen, etc. 

 Some scholarships and grants are available for continuing students, and to assist with specific educational activities such as undergraduate research. 

Are you currently an SNU Student? Go to Outside Scholarships for Current Students to see scholarships available for currently-enrolled students (requires SNU Google log-in).

View a list of external scholarship opportunities for our top seven states.

Scholarships by Major

Scholarships for Military  

Scholarships for Minorities

Scholarships for First Generation Students 

Scholarships for Students with Disability

Scholarships for Honors Students

Scholarships for Community Service

Scholarships for Women 

Scholarships for Athletes

Scholarships for Returning Adults

Scholarships - Employers

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Samples & Tips for Scholarship Applications

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Undergraduate scholarships


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