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Scholarships and Awards

At the University of Windsor, we are proud to offer a competitve funding program for graduate students that spans entrance scholarships, national and provincial scholarships, departmental scholarships, and employement opportunities.

Current calls for scholarship applications and other available funding are posted under the "Grad News" section of this website.

To learn more about our funding options, please review our directory below and do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions.

University of Windsor Scholarships and Funding Opportunities

To be considered for an entrance scholarship, applicants must submit the full application package for admission into the academic program by the entrance scholarship deadline.

At the time of admission both Canadian and International full-time applicants to research-based programs with an admission average of at least 80% (or equivalent) will be considered for entrance scholarships upon the recommendation of their program:


  • in a non-thesis or non-major paper stream: $3,750 for one year (non-renewable)
  • students in the following programs are not eligible for funding:  MAC, MActSc, MAEP, MEd (International cohort), MEng, MMB, MM, MSW for Working Professionals


  • $7,500 per year for up to 4 years

International students may also be eligible for scholarship and bursary support through programs based in or administered through their home country. We recommend that international students investigate potential sources of support prior to making an application to graduate school, noting that, in Ontario, tuition costs for international students are higher than those for Canadians and Canadian permanent residents (landed immigrants). 


NSERC - national postgraduate scholarship competitions only (excluding Vanier scholarships)

SSHRC - national postgraduate scholarship competitions only (excluding Vanier scholarships)

CIHR - Master's or Doctoral Research Award - national scholarship competitions only (excluding Vanier scholarships)

Funds are available to full-time graduate students who have made presentations of their research at an academic conference.  The amount of each reimbursement will not exceed $500.00 CDN for travel within North America, and $750.00 CDN for travel outside of North America.


  1. Must show written proof that the presentation/poster was accepted by the conference organizers.
  2. Must have presented at the conference and must submit a completed Conference Travel Support Fund application to the Graduate Studies within 30 days of travel.
  3. Must be a full-time registered student at the time of the presentation at the conference.
  4. Master’s students are eligible for a maximum of one (1) reimbursement within the first 6 terms of registration.
  5. Doctoral students are eligible for a maximum of two (2) reimbursements within the first 12 terms of registration.

*note: if you received support under the previous Conference Travel fund program (pre-2014) it will be counted towards the allowances outlined in 4. and 5. above


Student submits the following documents to Graduate Studies:

  • Completed Application for Graduate Student Conference Travel Support Fund, signed by the student, advisor, and graduate coordinator (or department head)
  • Written proof of invitation or acceptance from the conference organizers
  • Copy of the final conference program (only the cover and pages containing the student name are required)
  • Signed Conference Travel Support Fund Expense Form
  • Original receipts

Claimable Expenses:

  1. Accommodation:  Room only; meals and beverages are not covered.
  2. Registration fees:  Separate costs of conference dinners or party events are not covered.


  • The travel expenses will be reimbursed directly to the student account, or in the case where the student received advanced funding from their research advisor, back to a research grant account. If funds are being reimbursed to a research grant indicate the 30-digit research grant number.
  • Please note that we no longer issue cheques for reimbursements.

Donor-funded awards are open to graduate students in various disciplines who meet the award eligibility requirements.

Calls for applications for these awards are posted under "Grad News" in the top right section of this website. 

In order to receive your scholarship for the term, you must be registered for that term, and you must meet the eligibility requirements of the scholarship outlined in your award letter.

Scholarship amounts will be automatically credited to your student account within the first two weeks of the term.

Monitor your account balance and when the refund credit is visible you may request a refund by following the instructions below:

  1. Log in to UWinsite – Student
  2. Click on ‘Financial Account’ tile
  3. Click on ‘Account Services’
  4. Follow the instructions.

External Scholarships and Funding Opportunities

National Scholarships:

NSERC scholarships are open to students in the fields of natural sciences and engineering, and in some areas of psychology and kinesiology. At the time of application, an applicant must be either a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident. They are available to both Doctoral and Master’s students.

  • Doctoral:  Two types of scholarships are available - NSERC postgraduate scholarships (PGS) and Canada Graduate Scholarships (CGS). The PGS is valued at $21,000 a year (for up to three years), and CGS - Doctoral is $35,000 a year for up to three years.  Students submit one application to be considered for both scholarships.  The deadline for students to submit their application is set by each department, but will normally be in late September.  Further information may be obtained from the Office of Graduate Studies, or at
  • Master’s:  The Canada Gradate Scholarship (Master’s) is a one-year award valued at $17,500.  Students submit their application on-line to NSERC by the deadline of December 1.  Further details are available from the Graduate Studies Office or  from the competition webpage.

SSHRC scholarships are intended to support the acquisition of research skills and to assist in the training of highly qualified personnel. Candidates must demonstrate a high standard of academic achievement in undergraduate and graduate studies in the social sciences and humanities. Applicants must be Canadian citizens or permanent residents of Canada.  They are available to both Doctoral and Master’s students.

  • Doctoral:  Both Doctoral Fellowships and Canada Graduate Scholarships are available. Doctoral Fellowships are valued at $20,000 per year, and CGS are valued at $35,000 a year for 36 months. By the time of taking up the award students must have completed a Master’s degree, or at least one year of doctoral study.
  • Master’s:  The Canada Gradate Scholarship (Master’s) is a one-year award valued at $17,500.  Students submit their application on-line by the deadline of December 1.  Further details are available from the Graduate Studies Office or  from the competition webpage.


CIHR strives to ensure a strong foundation of future health research leaders, and is committed to offering programs that increase the supply of highly-qualified research personnel.  Applicants must be Canadian citizens or permanent residents of Canada.  They are available to both Doctoral and Master’s students.  These awards provide special recognition and support to students who are pursuing a doctoral degree in a health-related field in Canada or abroad.

  • Doctoral: The Frederick Banting and Charles Best Canada Graduate Scholarship – Doctoral Award (CGS-D) and the CIHR Doctoral Foreign Study Awards (DFSA) are valued at $35,000 per year for up to three years.
  • Master’s: The Canada Gradate Scholarship (Master’s) is a one-year award valued at $17,500.  Students submit their application on-line by the deadline of December 1.  Further details are available from the Graduate Studies Office or from the competition webpage.


The Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships (Vanier CGS) program was created to attract and retain world-class doctoral students and to establish Canada as a global centre of excellence in research and higher learning. Vanier Scholars demonstrate leadership skills and a high standard of scholarly achievement in the social sciences and humanities, natural sciences and engineering, and health-related fields.

Institutions are provided with a yearly quota within a three year quota allotment. It is the most prestigious of the doctoral scholarships offered by the Federal Government. Scholarship recipients are selected by Canada’s three federal granting agencies: CIHR, NSERC, SSHRC.

The Vanier CGS is valued at $50,000 per year for up to three years and is open to both Canadian and international students.

  • Grad students and postdoctoral fellows can apply anytime.
  • Applications are accepted any time.
  • The call for postdoc applications is issued twice a year, usually in September and January.
  • Senior undergrad and grad students can apply anytime.

Provincial Scholarships:

  • Students in all disciplines are eligible to apply for the OGS.
  • Students in science, engineering and certain areas of kinesiology and psychology who apply for OGS will also automatically be considered for the QEII-GSST. 

The scholarship competitions are managed separately by each university. Details about the University of Windsor competition are available from the OGS / QEII-GSST competition webpage. The University of Windsor’s application deadline is normally in mid-January.

A list of each university's deadline can be found at the COU website. 

The OTS program is an initiative of the Ontario Government to attract more of the best qualified international students to Ontario for PhD studies. They are available to new students who are applying or have applied for admission for either May or September.

The University of Windsor has an allocation of 12 Ontario Trillium Scholarships. Each scholarship is worth $40,000 annually and is awarded for four (4) years, provided the student maintains good academic standing and continues to meet the eligibility requirements.

Students holding external funding (e.g., scholarships, third party tuition payments) are not eligible to be considered.

For details new international students should contact the UWindsor program of their interest. The deadline for applications is set by each program and is usually in January/early February.

Other external resources:

  • The Universities Canada web site contains useful tips and tools for international students planning to study in Canada, as well as a searchable database for scholarship programs for all students pursuing post secondary education.
  • The Scholarships Canada database is an extensive database to find scholarships, bursaries and grants. You'll also find information about student loans, applications and budget planning. 

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