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Undergraduate scholarships

We’re Invested in Your Future

When you choose Trident, you’re choosing excellence in academics and compassionate commitment to your success. We understand the unique challenges and financial obstacles facing adult learners like you, which is why we keep our tuition pricing below the national average, charge no extra costs for most course materials, and encourage students to apply for our scholarships and grants.

The reason we go above and beyond is because we’re committed to creating the opportunities needed that will put our nation’s service members in the best position for success – both during and after your time in the military. In our 20th anniversary year, we are proud to continue this tradition by introducing our Trident Strong! Scholarships.

Military Success Scholarship (MSS)

Programs: Undergraduate degrees.

Eligibility: All undergraduate Active Duty, Reserve, and National Guard members enrolled in 5th, 6th or later courses taken during the military fiscal year.

Amount: $500 scholarship applied to 5th, 6th or later courses taken during the military fiscal year.

Requirements: Scholarship is applied automatically to 5th, 6th or later courses taken during the military fiscal year – view more details here.

Army Women's Foundation

Programs: One bachelor and one master degree annually.

Eligibility: Chosen by AWF from among AWF Legacy Scholarship Selectees. Namely, any female soldier, Army Veteran or their children or grandchildren.

Amount: One full bachelor degree scholarship and one full master degree scholarship awarded annually in 2018, 2019, 2020.

Requirements: Any woman currently serving or who has served in any component of the U.S. Army or the child or grandchild of any woman who has served in the U.S. Army. Students must apply directly to the AWF for the scholarship and directly to Trident for admission.

Military Education Grant

We are pleased to honor members of the armed services a military education grantthat significantly reduces the cost of tuition and cab be combined with your military tuition assistance. Through our military education grant, military spouses and dependents can receive a 33% savings off tuition for undergraduate courses, 36% for graduate courses, and 14-18% for doctoral courses.

Veteran Education Grant

Trident is proud to provide a special Veteran Education Grant for retirees and veterans of the armed forces. All veteran or active duty members of the military are eligible for the reduced VA tuition. Through our veterans education grant, you can receive a 20% savings off tuition for undergraduate courses, 26% for graduate courses, and 10-11% for doctoral courses.

Trident Alumni Scholarship (TAS)

Programs: All graduate degrees, doctoral degrees, and business analytics certificate. Diploma and all other certificate programs are not eligible for this scholarship.

Eligibility: Newly enrolling alumni advancing to a masters degree, doctoral degree or business analytics certificate.

Amount: 15% tuition savings off each course.

Requirements: Submit your inquiry to for further details and scholarship acceptance.

William (Joe) Gainey Scholarship

Programs: Graduate degrees.

Eligibility: Senior Enlisted Leaders. E-9 active duty, reserve, and National Guard currently serving in the US Armed Services – view more details here.

Amount: $300 per course. Scholarship is in addition to the Military Education Grant and allows E9s to have no out-of-pocket cost towards their graduate degree when using military tuition assistance.

Requirements: Provide documentation of E9 rank. Submit the scholarship application and a one-page essay on leadership to with the subject line “William “Joe” Gainey Scholarship Application.”

Trident Extended Family Scholarship (TEFS)

Programs: Undergraduate courses; degree seeking or non-degree seeking. Diploma and certificate programs are not eligible for this scholarship.

Eligibility: Extended family members of Trident faculty and staff and Snowball Express family members. See acceptance form for specifications.

Amount: Reduces the undergraduate tuition rate to $600 per course or 60% less than the standard tuition rate (up to $900 per course depending on the students tuition rate).

Requirements: Submit the scholarship acceptance form to

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Undergraduate scholarships


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