Scholarships, Bursaries and Awards: in-course

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Scholarships, Bursaries and Awards: in-course

(Based only on academics)

In-course scholarships are awarded on the basis of academic merit to full-time undergraduate students who have completed at least one full year of study at Nipissing University. Generally, an application is not required. Students must be registered ​to receive a scholarship, which is generally paid out in January. Weighted grades are used to determine eligibility for a scholarship; please check this section to confirm eligibility requirements for specific programs.

(Based on financial need and/or other criteria)

Provided to students on the basis of financial need or some combination of extra-curric​​ular involvement, academics, demonstrated leadership ability, volunteerism or other similar criterion plus financial need. To ​​demonstrate financial need, students must self-identify by applying for any/all of the following: OSAP (or other government student loan program), the Web Bursary Program, or the Work Study program.

Separate applications are not generally required for most of our bursaries and awards; if you feel you will require some additional financial assistance during the fall and winter session simply complete the online Web Bursary ap​plication which can be found on Web Advisor the month of October (it is due November 1). As part of our committment to the Student Access Guarantee, bursary assistance may be provided, if warranted, to ensure that tuition and book costs are met.

To find more information on the  bursaries and awards offered at Nipissing University, please complete the chart, below.


Nipissing University assumes liability for the payment of scholarships, bursaries and other awards only to the extent that expected gifts from donors or returns from particular investments of endowed funds are realized. The University reserves the right to make whatever changes circumstances may require, including the amendment of monetary value, selection criteria and the cancellation of particular awards. Information on the current status of any of these may be obtained by contacting the Student Awards and Financial Aid Office or by visiting the Nipissing University website at 

Students who feel that their individual circumstances are not being fairly considered when determining eligibility for the aforementioned scholarships, bursaries and awards have the right to submit a written appeal explaining their circumstances to the Undergraduate Services and Awards Committee.​

  • $500

    Presented to the third year full-time student in a History major who has demonstrated an exceptional interest in the study of History, and who is deemed most deserving by the History faculty.

  • $525

    Presented to the person who was a full-time student over the previous year at Nipissing University in a History major, who has shown a strong interest in Local Community History, and is deemed most deserving by the History Department. Should a suitable candidate not be found, consideration is given to students showing a strong interest in Military History. The recipient must demonstrate financial need and be a resident of Ontario as defined by OSAP.

  • $450

    Established in honour of Dr. Surtees' dedication, spirit and commitment to Nipissing University. This award is presented annually to a full-time, fourth year Honours History student who makes a personal contribution in the field of athletics or extracurricular activities at the university or in the community at large. The recipient is selected by the History department.

  • $600

    Presented to a second, third or fourth year full-time student of a History major on the basis of academic merit (minimum 70% average). The recipient must also demonstrate financial need and be a resident of Ontario as defined by OSAP.

  • $2,050

    Established to honour the lives of Janet Morton and her parents, Bill and Helen Smith and to recognize their dedication to the North Bay community. It strives to encourage dynamic and creative people to become potentially outstanding teachers of history.

  • $1,450

    Established to honour the life of Stan Michael Lawlor. It recognizes his dedication and desire to encourage and promote History studies at the graduate level. It is presented to a deserving, graduating student in History at Nipissing University who plans to pursue graduate History studies in the following year, either through Nipissing University or elsewhere. The recipient must demonstrate enthusiasm for history through his/her undergraduate studies at Nipissing University, both inside and outside the classroom.

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