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All federal, provincial, and territorial governments in Canada offer student loan programs to help offset the costs of post-secondary education.


In order to qualify for a federal or provincial student loan, you must:

be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident

be a resident of the province/territory to which you are applying for funding and have lived there for the past 12 consecutive months (excluding full-time attendance at a post-secondary institution)

demonstrate financial need

Find out more about government student loans:

Government of Canada's CanLearn website

Mount Allison Registrar's Office – financial aid

Our financial aid and awards counsellor is also available to discuss your funding options:

We highly recommend all students applying for student loans to also apply for Mount Allison's bursaries in order to be considered for the best financial aid package possible.

New Brunswick students
The Government of New Brunswick offers two programs to provide tuition relief to New Brunswick students attending publicly-funded universities and colleges in New Brunswick:

Free Tuition Program (FTP) – for annual household income below $60,000

Tuition Relief for the Middle Class Program (TRMC) – for annual household income above $60,000

A separate application is not necessary. You will be automatically assessed for eligibility in these programs when you apply for New Brunswick student financial assistance.

U.S. Stafford loans

Mount Allison is also able to assist American students in identifying your eligibility to obtain funds from the William D. Ford Federal Direct Loan Program.

Find out more about U.S. student loans from the Registrar’s Office – financial aid.

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