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Three-year undergraduate degree courses and two-year undergraduate degree courses are both £9,250 a year for tuition fees in 2018–19. Foundation degree courses are £5,000 a year for tuition fees in 2018-19. Depending on government policy, tuition fees may rise with inflation in future years.

Part-time tuition fees would be pro-rated accordingly to the number of credits you are studying.

You will not have to pay these fee​s upfront. E​ligible UK and EU students can apply for a tuition fee loan to cover the cost of their tuition fees from the government which you repay gradually through small monthly repayments. Full-time students will not start repaying their loan until the April after you leave university once you're earning over £25,000. This earning threshold may be adjusted annually in line with average earnings by the government.

UK students on full-time courses can apply for a package ​of maintenance funding from the government to help with general living costs and additional funding if you have children and/or a disability. Part-time students from England and Wales starting a course in 2018/19 can apply for the new ‘part time maintenance loan’.

English and EU students can apply and find out more information at This website also has a calculator that will give you an estimate of what you will receive.

Students from other UK countries can find information and apply at:

Scottish students

Welsh students

Northern Irish students

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Financial aid


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