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Undergraduate scholarships

The University of Wyoming Alumni Association provides scholarships to Wyoming students, out-of-state students, and undergraduate and graduate students.  Within these scholarships, awards have been added to support Wyoming community college transfer students, non-traditional, US Veterans and multicultural students. Recipients are selected based on criteria including academic excellence, leadership and extracurricular activities.

Since its inception in 1906, the UWAA scholarship program has grown steadily through its coordination of the Scholarship Club, Named Scholarships and the Wyoming License Plate Program. Per academic year, approximately $232,000 is disbursed to nearly 145 students with awards ranging from one to four years. 

Donors have found giving to scholarships is a great way to directly help students achieve their educational goals, as contributions are restricted to scholarship expenditures. The UWAA is proud to administer the scholarship program to invest in the legacy of UW students to carry the torch of UW Pride, knowledge, and innovation forward to future generations. 

UWAA Scholarships Available

Students are selected on the basis of academic excellence, leadership, extra-curricular activities and an essay on why they wish to attend the University of Wyoming. Scholarships valued at $6,500, paid over four years, are awarded to ten Wyoming and out-of-state students including high school seniors of UWAA members and multicultural ethnic groups. In addition, we offer one one-year scholarship of $2,500 to a UW junior or senior, a one-year scholarship for a UW graduate student of $2,500, an Honors scholarship of $8,500 paid over four years and a $6,500 scholarship paid over four years to a U.S. Veteran of War. Each of these scholarships includes a lifetime membership to the Alumni Association. Each scholarship has specific application criteria.

In addition to these scholarships, the UWAA manages three one-year scholarships of $1,500 of regional network scholarships, four one-year scholarships of varying amounts for the Alumni Association WYO-Gold Leadership Scholarship, ten named scholarships of varying length and award  and twenty-two scholarships through the University of Wyoming Motor Vehicle License Plate Program of varying length and award. 

Named Scholarships & UW License Plate Program Awards

Named scholarships that the Association coordinates selection for include the Mary Lou Rechard Memorial Scholarship, the Platte Valley National Bank Scholarship, the Shaw Family Scholarship, the Hershler/Skinner Family Memorial Scholarship, the Tuff Samuelson Memorial Scholarship, the John P. Ellbogen Foundation Scholarship, the Reed Family UW Alumni Association Scholarship, the Roberta M. Darnall Scholarship, the Jeanine and Warren Hodges UWAA Scholarship and the John and Helen Ilsey Family Foundation/Sheridan County Alumni Network Scholarship.

License Plate Scholarships include six for incoming freshman students, ten Wyoming Community College Transfer Students, two Non-Traditional Undergraduates and one each for 2nd Bachelor’s degree, 5th/6th year students, Grandchild of UW Graduate and the Outreach Program.

PLEASE NOTE: All applications must be completed and submitted online. You may view all applications without having login information. You will only be able to apply for scholarships once you have been accepted to attend the University of Wyoming and will need your WyoWeb username and password to apply.  


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Undergraduate scholarships


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