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  • How can I join INOMICS?
    It is easy to sign up for an INOMICS account, and doesn't cost a penny. You simply click on Signup on the top right of the page and register with your e-mail address or social media account. With your user account you are able not only to search, but also to save opportunities of interest in your Shortlist, receive E-Mail Alerts and even post and share content on INOMICS.  
  • How can I change my E-Mail Alert settings?
    To modify your personal configuration, please use the link at the very beginning of your most recent E-Mail Alert where it says "Customize your interests and preferences here".
  • Does it cost anything?
    INOMICS does not charge users to have an account, to search the site, or to receive E-mail Alert updates.
  • How can I join INOMICS?
    It is easy to join. You simply go to and register with your e-mail address. With your user account you are able not only to search, but also to post and share content on INOMICS.
  • Can I post the same Announcement multiple times?
    No. Please be advised that you may only post each study or career opportunity once. All double entries will be removed from the INOMICS database. This includes Announcements for the same thing in different languages. If you want to post in multiple languages, you should include both versions in one posting. It is possible to extend the running period for your posting or ad. Please contact us at for your request.
  • Can I change my Announcements after submission?
    Yes. Please contact us at Any changes after submission may be subject to a service charge of €75 (plus VAT where applicable).
  • Does INOMICS offer discounts for regular orders?
    Yes we do. Discounts are available when you pre-book multiple Announcements. Please contact us to receive an offer that fits your needs. You can also signup for our Customer Newsletter ( where we advertise our latest offers.
  • Is a PhD Program classified as a program or a job opening?
    PhD Programs are normally classified as courses on INOMICS. This counts for programs with a regular intake of students, and with set modules or a structured outline. If, however, the post is a single, paid research position, in which it is also possible for the candidate to complete a PhD, then this should be posted as a job opening.

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