INOMICS Releases Economics Job Market Report 2013 (Worldwide Overview)

INOMICS Releases Economics Job Market Report 2013 (Worldwide Overview)

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The Report is based on a survey between April and June 2013, in which 2,380 professionals and recruiters in the academic job market for economists answered questions about salaries, international professional mobility, the value of different levels of academic degree, and other issues related to economics and finance careers.

Key findings include:

  • The highest salaries for Professorship positions are offered in Australia and the US. On average, salaries offered in European Universities are 30% lower

  • PhD holders in Economics are in high demand and have on average double the income of those with Master’s degrees only

  • The US offers the highest salaries to Master’s graduates in economics, among the countries surveyed

  • Denmark, Sweden, the Netherlands, the UK and Switzerland host the highest number of foreign professionals and students. In general, the economics job market is highly international and mobile: 35% of economists work or study outside their home countries and the majority of recruiters have no preference over nationality of the candidates

  • Competition for entry-level Professorship positions can be up to 400 candidates per position. PhD openings have the lowest competition with 15 applications per available position

  • The most desired employer types for economics graduates include Universities, Think Tanks and International Organizations/NGOs. Only 6% of graduates would like to work in Private Companies.

  • Communications skills of economists are valued higher than quantitative skills by recruiters

    The full report with detailed findings and empirical evidence is available for free download here:

    The focus of the report is on the academic job market with the majority of respondents representing universities, research institutes or think tanks and possessing high academic qualifications. Other findings include salary breakdowns by countries, positions and seniority, skills and specializations most in demand, candidates’ preferences, types of selection process and geographical factors.

    Later this year, regional reports for the following regions and countries will be published: North America (United States & Canada), Australia & New Zealand, UK, Germany, Spain, France, Italy, Latin America.


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