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INOMICS is a worldwide niche platform hosting education & career opportunities for students and academics in economics and related disciplines. On INOMICS, we are committed to help people develop their careers through personalized, up-to-date, relevant and high-quality opportunities and information.

Our mission

Our mission is to provide a specialist platform in economics and related disciplines.

For institutions, our mission is to help them raise their profile and reputation among their target audience.

For students, researchers and academics, our mission is to help them advance in their career, expand their network and stay up-to-date with career news and opportunities.

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We provide each of our users with a private feed, where they can see only .the latest opportunities matching their career goals.

We believe that career development requires time and constant learning! We recommend jobs, programs, courses, events and funding to our users that can help them boost their CVs, all based on their priorities, profile and wishes.

 ✔ Reach the right people
Use our powerful targeting options to reach the most relevant segment of our specialized audience.
 ✔ Get better conversions
Your message delivered directly and clearly so that your leads are already qualified candidates.
 ✔ Improve your ROI
We work with you to create personalized effective campaigns.
 ✔ Geo-target your campaigns
Additional promotion and visibility in your priority countries.


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INOMICS products are targeted to meet the marketing needs and budget of our customers. From online announcements to personalized campaigns, we find the best marketing combination for your institution, faculty or departments.

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INOMICS users are highly-committed academics and students in economics, finance, econometrics, business, management and other related social sciences. Our user database includes young students looking for master’s programs, PhD students, professors and researchers.

We have a worldwide community with users from over 150+ countries

Top interests of our users include:

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What our customers think about us:

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