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William Pearse

William Pearse


Senior Editor at INOMICS. Having received his Bachelor Degree in History from Sussex University in England, his wanderlust took him to Germany where, in 2018, he completed a Master’s Program in Global History at the Freie and Humboldt Universities. Pearse’s next step took him into the world of editing, where he worked in collaboration with a number of leading European academics. Now at INOMICS, directing its content department, he cites the economics of climate change and gender equality as the issues most influencing his work.

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Contact him at williamp@11academianetworks.com

James Matthew Alston

James Matthew Alston


Content Marketing Manager at INOMICS. After receiving First Class Honours in History from Cardiff University, Alston cut his teeth in content marketing and SEO practice at a start-up insurance company in London. Never one to be satisfied with his lot, he moved to Berlin to study his Master’s in History while simultaneously working as a freelancer, writing on topics as diverse as climate systems breakdown, student mental health, and animal rights for several high-profile blogs. He now helps to lead INOMICS’ highly successful content marketing strategy. Follow him on Twitter and Instagram and read his Medium blog.

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Contact him at jamesa@11academianetworks.com

Tom McKenzie

Tom McKenzie


Tom holds degrees from the Universities of Bonn and Cologne and has taught economics at institutions in Germany, Turkey and the United Kingdom. Tom is Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy in England and Honorary Research Fellow at the University of Dundee, Scotland. In his work, Tom studies differences between the private, public and voluntary sectors, focusing on “Who pays for what, and why?”. In 2019, Tom co-authored the winning essay for the Richard Koch Breakthrough Prize hosted by the Institute of Economic Affairs, proposing a policy to restructure the funding of post-school education and broaden opportunities for young people in the UK. Tom recently joined INOMICS as Economics Editor where he is contributing to the development of educational material for students of economics.

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Mirjam Sarah Salish


Mirjam obtained her PhD from the University of Bonn in 2016 after completing a Bachelor and Master´s degree in Economics at the Vienna University of Economics and Business. Since 2016 she’s worked as a visiting professor at the Economics department at the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid where she teaches undergraduate courses in “Industrial Organization”, “Principles of Economics”, “Microeconomics” and “Econometric Techniques”. Her research interests are in microeconomic theory, particularly game theory, industrial economics and the economics of innovation. One of the central questions of her work is how uncertainty and risk affect the incentives firms have to innovate and invest in R&D. More recently, Mirjam has begun to explore questions of income and wealth inequality as well as health economics. Together with Tom she is helping develop the INOMICS’ educational material.

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