Brawijaya University

Universitas Brawijaya (UB) was established by the President of the Republic of Indonesia through a wire no. 258/K/61 sent on July 11, 1961. Later, UB transformed into a state university on January 5, 1963, following a Presidential Decree issued earlier in the same year.

Today UB is one of the leading universities in Indonesia with more than 60.000 students in various vocational, bachelor, master, doctoral, professional, and medical specialist programs.

UB has various academic facilities such as libraries, laboratories (LSIH and LSSR), Research and Community Services (LPPM), Educational Development (LP2), QA Center (LPM), International Office, Bioscience Institute, UB Press, UB Media and Communication Group, Integrated Labs, UB Forest, Agrotechnopark, the Center of Disability Studies and Services.

UB also provides supporting facilities such as Bus Fleet, Student Dormitories, Employee Co-op, International Student Dormitory, Bank and ATM Center, Post Office, Raden Patah Mosque, Composting Facility and Halal Canteen. For the alumni, the university provides Alumni Associations, Career and Entrepreneurship Development Unit, Business Incubator.

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Malang, ID