University of Bologna, Department of Statistical Sciences "Paolo Fortunati"

The Department of Statistical Sciences (STAT) is one of the biggest Departments of Statistics in the world with 68 faculty members, about 25 PhD students and many Post-docs. The expertise of the Department faculty members covers a wide range of scientific fields: methodological and applied statistics, Data Science, Probability, Demographics and Social Statistics, Biostatistics and Statistical Genomics, Economic Statistics, Turism Economics and Statistics, Applied Economics, Financial and Actuarial Mathematics and many other applications of statistics methods. STAT offers its courses in Bologna (3 Master Degrees in Statistical Sciences, in Italian and in English; Quantitative Finance, in English; Statistics, Economics and Business; 2 BA in Statistical Sciences, in Italian and in English; and International Development and Cooperation; a PhD Programme in Statistics), and Rimini (BA in Finance, Insurance and Business and Master Degree in Statistical, Financial and Actuarial Sciences).

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