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Applied Economics and Markets (LMAEM) is a two year master degree, entirely taught in English, that aims at training highly qualified professionals in the relevant applied fields of economics and finance. Students will learn a framework for analysis that can be applied to a large variety of areas, ranging from financial markets and business cycles, to firm competition and strategic behaviour.


During the first year, students will reinforce their skills in quantitative disciplines and will learn the core elements of theoretical and applied micro and macroeconomics.

During the second year, students will choose between two tracks.

The track in Financial and Monetary Economics will enable students to understand the dynamics and mechanisms of monetary and financial markets, and their interconnections with the real economy.

The track in Measuring and Modeling Economics, instead, will train students on how to quantify the impact of alternative strategic decisions at both microeconomic and macroeconomic level, as well as to evaluate and analyse future economic trends.

For both tracks, internships in private and public enterprises will be strongly encouraged and supported.


  1. Build analytical skills for a career as an applied economist
  2. Study in an international program and interact with highly qualified instructors
  3. Learn how financial and monetary markets interconnect with the real economy
  4. Learn the theoretical and methodological tools to quantify the impact of alternative strategic decisions and policies
  5. Learn how to use computer programming to simulate economic models, analyse economic policies and conduct econometric analyses.


LMAEM students will be relevant and attractive candidates for a great number of positions, both in the private and public sector.

Graduates will qualify for a range of positions, like:

  • Economics Consultant
  • Chief Economist
  • Sustainability Analyst
  • Macroeconomic and Policy Analysis
  • Market Research Analyst
  • Management Consultant
  • Data Analyst
  • PhD fellows or researchers at international research institutes, universities, environmental organizations, or governmental organizations
  • Independent entrepreneurs


The faculty has international experience and reputation both in terms of education, teaching and research activity. Many professors are affiliated with the Department of Economics (DSE) of the University of Bologna, one of the best departments of economics in Italy and in Europe, and awarded as “Department of Excellence” by the Italian Ministry of University and Research (MUR).

Being based in Bologna, all professors are very approachable and happy to share and discuss ideas with students, offering them the possibility for regular, direct contact with leading instructors in their field.

Being taught completely in English, we expect students to come from all over the world. Working and studying in such an international environment will allow students to live a unique experience in a vibrant and stimulating city like Bologna.

International agreements and exchanges are offered within the Erasmus+ and Overseas programs. Internships and thesis LMAEM students are strongly encouraged to do internships, either in Italy or abroad. Other than having an important job experience, they can profit of this opportunity to start writing the final thesis and prepare for the final examination. It is also possible to spend a period abroad only to prepare the final exam.


  • First Cycle Degree or equivalent Bachelor level achieved in any subject, awarded by an Italian or accredited foreign university or university level institution allowing access to a second cycle/post graduate program.
  • Admission to the 2nd cycle degree programme in Applied Economics and Markets is subject to the possession of appropriate knowledge of economic theory and quantitative analysis.
  • Admission is also subject to the possession of curricular requirements and to the assessment of personal competencies and skills.
  • English language Requirement - Minimum B2 level


There are 3 application intakes per academic year:

Intake 1: 1st February – 7th March 2024

Intake 2: 3rd April – 02nd May 2024

Intake 3: 27th May - 27th June 2024

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Master's Programs

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