Academic Conferences: how to get x5 Applicants & Papers

Academic Conferences: how to get x5 Applicants & Papers

INOMICS is probably the best-known and most reputable tool for finding academic conferences, especially for events focusing on economics and finance-related disciplines. While the majority of new users still find out about INOMICS through word of mouth, a much faster growing part of users lands on INOMICS when searching for specific conferences on Google.

The reason for such an exceptional traffic is the number of conferences online (on average 7-10 conferences per category get published on INOMICS every day), the international focus and the general quality of the content. In such an ocean of conference listings it makes a major difference how the conference is presented, as just being listed does not guarantee that a sufficient amount of visitors will ever see it – with every new conference appearing online, every Basic Announcement naturally gets shifted to the bottom.

With this in mind, we decided to conduct a small experiment. A number of selected conferences were placed on INOMICS for about two weeks as Basic Announcements, and then just for two weeks they were upgraded to Standard Announcements. The results, when compared, were astonishing (see the graph).

On average, Standard Conference Announcements received 100% - 400% more views than Basic Announcements within the same two-week time period, and 3-4 times more visitors expressed interest in applying by visiting the original link of the conference. According to our customers, even two weeks of increased visibility brought a record number of good quality papers. Featured Announcements have the power to even double the outcome compared to the Standard option.

If you have any questions about the different levels of announcements specifically for conferences, contact our team ( Or just see the details on our portfolio pages.