Top Economics Podcasts


Top Economics Podcasts

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Podcasts are a great way not only to enrich your knowledge, but also to look at an already familiar matter from a different perspective. Normally, podcasts are issued in the style of lectures, talks, interviews or just short commentaries, and cover either current economic issues or pure academic topics.

You will want to check some of the major media podcasts offered by The Financial TimesThe Economist or Bloomberg. These are all tried and tested and you really can't go wrong with any of them. However, below are some other podcasts we would recommend.

best economics podcasts

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1. EconTalk

EconTalk is probably the most known economics podcast of all and is a winner of numerous webblogs awards. It is a weekly podcast hosted by Russ Roberts and “features one-on-one discussions with an eclectic mix of authors, professors, Nobel Laureates, entrepreneurs, leaders of charities and businesses, and people on the street.“. For keeping up with the latest economic developments look no further.

2. NPR Planet Money Podcast

This is a twice-weekly podcast that focuses on the global economy. Describing themselves, NPR say: “We have two rules for ourselves: 1. Everything has to be interesting (and, preferably, fun or funny or poignant or somehow grabby). 2. Everything should be economically smart, but not economically dull." In our experience, they have been pretty successful in achieving this mix.

3. VoxTalks

VoxTalks is a collection of interviews with eminent economists that centres on today's most salient economic policy issues. It is a part of the policy portal, which was set up by the Centre for Economic Policy Research and aims to make policy, and all that it entails, more accessible.

4. Cato Institute Daily Podcast

Produced by the Cato Institute, a think tank, this podcast covers hot economics topics from a libertarian perspective, which we understand may not be to everyone's taste... Still, it's well researched and makes for good discussion. Their website has a large collection of other video and audio recourses which are worth checking out.

5. Mises Media

Mises Media has a collection of podcasts and lectures in Economics from the Ludwig von Mises Insitute - “The world centre of the Austrian School of economics and libertarian political and social theory“. One of their most interesting podcasts, Economics in One Lesson, is a series of interviews with some of Austria's leading economists.

6. Development Drums

This is a podcast for those who want to know more about international development and global poverty. It features interviews and guest talks from experts and professionals involved in development.

7. Global Prosperity Wonkcast

This podcast is part of a blog by the Center for Global Development (CGD), a think tank. It features weekly interviews with CGD experts on international development issues.

8. Freakonomics Podcasts

Even though Freakonomics isn't strictly just about economics, as I am sure you all know, it definitely provides some interesting food for thought. It tries to explain lots of the quirks of human behaviour, that is not always as rational as we like to believe it is. In one episode, Freakonomics Goes to College, they explore the real value of college degrees and the market for fake diplomas. Fascinating stuff.

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