11 Academia Networks Campaign Boosters


Discover the power of personalized campaigns tailored to your promotion goals and marketing budget


Add-ons and boosters help you to:

  • Increase the visibility of your Announcements

  • Geo-target specific countries

  • Increase the promotion in the best performing channels



Media Advertising




Display Advertisement (Banners)

Banners 11AN

Connect with students, academics and professionals on the homepage of INOMICS which better match the target audience of your offers! Target by country to ensure you reach the right people.

Price: €350 per 15,000 impressions, €900 per 50,000 impressions, €1600 per 100,000 impressions.

Sidebar Ad
Size: 345x345 px
Format: jpg, png, gif

Horizontal Ad
Size: 728x90 px
Format: jpg, png, gif


Promotion in Editorial Stories

Engage visitors with attractive editorial stories about study and career opportunities in your country or in your field.

Price: €850 + VAT including editorial service

Some Editorial Story ideas:

β€œ10 Greatest Conferences in ____!”
β€œTop PhD programs in ____”

These are just ideas. Concrete guidelines and conditions of participation will be confirmed upon offer confirmation.


Editorial Stories

E-Mail Shots

Email Shots

We carefully select your recipient list based on their disciplines of interest and location, so we deliver your message to the right audience.

An E-Mail Shot is a completely branded HTML E-Mail sent to our subscribers on your behalf. You can design the E-Mail yourself or request our marketing team assistance to drive the best conversions

Price: €0,50 per recipient


Traffic Boosters




Repost your Announcement

Your Announcement will be refreshed at the top of search results and included one more time in the E-Mail Alert.

Price: β‚¬90 + VAT for Basic/Standard Announcements or €160 + VAT for Featured/Premium Announcements


Social media Boost

Social media boost

Your Announcement will be promoted in one or more of our social media channels. Ask us for our recommendation, or specify one or more of Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook or Instagram. The post includes the logo of your institution and a short message. Choose between a simple post, and a targeted post managed by our team, who will help it reach the right audience.

Price: €170 + VAT per social media channel (simple post) or €390 + VAT for all social media channel (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn Group and Instagram)

E-Mail Alert Adverts

E-Mail Alert Ads (Text Snippets)

Your Announcement will be promoted among our 70,000+ E-Mail Alert subscribers. The E-mail Alert Ads include your logo, plus a message up to 300 characters + title + URL (behind title)

Price: €170 + VAT per week or €650 + VAT for 5 weeks

We customize each alert to its recipient according to their profile. This ensures that, at around 50%, the opening rate is higher than the industry average of 22,5% (Source:Mailchimp)

Geo-Targeting for priority countries

Use Geo-Targeting to receive better visibility for specific countries in our search results, home page and E-Mail Alert in those countries. Geo-Targeting is included in Premium Announcements for 10 countries. For other announcement levels, it can be added to your promotion package.

Price: €90 + VAT per country or included in Premium Announcements  

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