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Global stock markets are constantly fluctuating; one day stocks are up, and the next day they are dramatically lower. But what exactly impacts supply and demand?

Behavioral finance is the study of psychological influences on the behavior of investors and financial analysts and how it impacts market outcomes. The University of Chicago’s eight-week course on behavioral finance will help you understand the thinking behind money management and financial trading.

Are You a Professional Working in a Finance Role?

If you consider yourself to be a business person, professional, or emerging leader working in a management position for a financial institution or general business management, this course will teach you the fundamental concepts of behavioral finance.

About the Course:

Over an eight-week period our Behavioral Finance course will help you to better understand the irrationality in human decision-making in finance.

You will further learn to:

  • Describe concepts such as utility, probability weighting, the certainty effect, survivorship bias and risk, gains and losses.
  • Explain the causation/correlation error, the mental error in probability weighting, the consequences of the anchoring bias, overtrading due to overconfidence, the equity premium puzzle, and active vs. passive mutual funds.
  • Evaluate subjective vs. absolute probabilities, overconfidence as the “mother of all biases” and the framing and reversal of preferences.

After Completing the Course You Will Be Able To:

  1. Understand the psychology behind financial decisions made by business leaders and investors.
  2. Neutralize relevant biases.
  3. Make and encourage better financial decisions.
  4. Explain the consumer choice theory.
  5. Differentiate mental models related to behavioral finance.


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