PhD course: Psychological Game Theory

This PhD course will present the theoretical foundations of belief-dependent preferences and introduce students to a wide variety of applications as well as empirical/experimental evidence in relation to psychological games. The last two days of the PhD-course will consist of an international workshop with leading scholars working on issues related to self-image concerns, motivated beliefs and belief-dependent preferences:

Course topics

The course will focus on 4 broad areas of research in Psychological Game Theory:

1.       Psychological Game Theory: The framework

2.       Belief-dependent guilt aversion, reciprocity, and anger in games

3.       Honesty and lying behavior

4.       Experimental evidence of belief-dependent preferences

The course will also equip students with the necessary methodological tools and skills to conduct own research projects in the area of belief-dependent preferences. To this end, the course also incorporates a teaching module ‘group work’, in which students can explore own ideas regrading interesting strategic situations involving belief-dependent preferences or designing an own experiment testing / exploring some features of psychological games.

The course consists of a 2-days teaching block and a 2-days research workshop with internal and external speakers.

Each of the first 2 days will consist of “lecture blocks” in which students receive training in the different topics, methods, and applications. The lectures are followed by daily ‘exercise’ and ‘group work’ sessions in which groups of students work on developing their own ideas. After the end of the course, the student groups further develop their ideas from the group work blocks into a written project proposal (max 10 pages).

The 2-days research workshop will give course participants the possibility to discuss current research topics with experts in the field. The workshop will consist of presentations by international scholars in the area of behavioral economics and belief-dependent preferences. You can find more information about the workshop part of the course at:

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