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Phd programs, supplementary courses


Regular fees: 760 - 1800 EUR

Ph.D. Supplementary Courses ASP "Select One"

The ASP “Select One” course option provides intellectually curious and motivated participants who are interested in learning about particular issues at the frontier of current research to be taught by leading economists in the field. Participation in these courses not only provides a good way of kick-starting ongoing or future projects, but also enables participants to join a vibrant community interested in similar topics from Kiel and beyond.

Over the last 36  years, Ph.D students, staff members of national and international institutions, think tanks and financial companies have updated and deepened their economic research knowledge in one area of expertise by attending a course in the context of the Advanced Studies Program at the Kiel Institute for the World Economy.

Written exams are offered for all courses. A the Kiel University exams are rewarded with 3 credit points for a one-week course and 6 credit points for a two-week course.

PhD candidates can apply for participation in one or several courses of the program and are entitled to substantially reduced course fees. They can also apply for low-price accommodation at the Kiel Institute´s guesthouse.

New:  Candidates can attend the Modular ASP program and acquire the Advanced Studies Certificate. The ASP Modular Option which is designed for Ph.D candidates, staff members of national and international institutions, think tanks or private companies who seek to take full advantage of the Advanced Studies Program Certificate, without taking an extended leave of absence. The Advanced Studies Certificate is a particularly valuable additional qualification for professional careers at international organizations and policy institutions. Participants can take courses at their own pace and have up to 34 months to complete all of the necessary courses to obtain the ASP Certificate. Accordingly, participants broaden their skills by learning from leading professors and joining a close-knit network of researchers and practitioners, but do so at the pace that best suits their individual needs.

Forthcoming Courses:                                                                    

12 - 16 Dec 2022
International Trade: Monopolistic Competition and Gravity – Dennis Novy

16 - 20 Jan 2022
Applied Microeconometric Methods - Sourafel Girma

22 - 26 May 2023
Topics in International Trade and Development - Andrés Rodriguez-Clare

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PhD Programs, Supplementary Courses


Regular fees: 760 - 1800 EUR


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