Spatial Econometric Analysis with STATA and R

The goal of the Seminar is to provide the participants with a sound understanding of basic and more advanced principles of spatial econometric analysis and to offer tools for practical application of the methodology. Commonly available software products (STATA and RStudio) will be introduced and practiced in the training sessions.

The course is intended mainly for students majoring in statistics, economics or social sciences and, in general, for people dealing with different regional problems in the society. The field would be also of interest for experts working in regional research and local planning problems in governmental agencies, research institutes and local planning bodies, and for GIS oriented people in general. Entry qualifications include intermediate knowledge in statistics, econometrics or a similar methodological discipline.

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Regular fees: 250 - 400 EUR

International Fees : 250 - 400 EUR


The course addresses different rates depending on the date of registration and the category of the attendants. There will be two grants awarded for students who will be ranked depending to their socioeconomic status (30%), academic grades (30%) and employment (40%).

  • Registration before February 4th, 2019:
  1. Ordinary fees: 250 euros
  2. UAM students: 150 euros
  3. UAM former students ('Alumni'): 200 euros
  • Registration after Februrary 4th, 2019:
  1. Ordinary fees: 400 euros
  2. UAM students: 250 euros
  3. UAM former students ('Alumni'): 320 euros


Faculty of Economics and Business Administration

Madrid , Spain

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Professional training, supplementary courses, other

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