INOMICS Handbook 2018

A career is more than just a job! INOMICS Handbook is an annual career magazine read by over 50,000 economists, worldwide.

It contains quality advice on how to succeed in the fast-moving and highly competitive environment. The current edition contains in-depth insights from a range of experts from across the recruitment market, including a number of well-known public economists. With topics as varied as recruitment trends, personal branding, networking, research resources and recommended career opportunities, there is a little something for everyone!


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INOMICS Handbook 2018

INOMICS Handbook 2018 download

The INOMICS Handbook 2018 is the second edition of the annual career guide for Economists. Contributors to this edition include esteemed economic institutions such as the German Institute for Economic Research, the International Monetary Fund, and the University of Barcelona, as well as eminent economists like Marcel Fratzscher and John Cochrane. There is also a reprisal of the INOMICS awards, this year’s categories extended to encompass: top employers, best training courses, best Master’s and PhD programmes, best conferences, and the best summer schools.



INOMICS Handbook 2017

INOMICS Handbook 2017 download

The INOMICS Handbook 2017 is the first edition of a complete career guide compiled specifically for economists. It includes, among others, the INOMICS Awards for best-practice recruitment, rankings of the top universities and research institutes for economists to work for, a job market analysis including findings on average salaries around the world, average salaries by gender and factors justifying higher salaries, as well as articles and insights for everyone currently active, as a recruiter or a jobs seeker, in the academic job market.