ACRN Oxford Research Centre

The ACRN Academic Research Network was originally founded as a joint venture by three leading European business schools of renowned universities from Austria, Finland and the UK to promote and host academic conferences and summer-schools in the social and managerial sciences, as well as to advance methodological know-how for doctoral students and young researchers. It is now a distinct entity with a clear impact mission and a highly respected international academic advisory board overseeing its corporate governance, firmly embedded in the Oxford research and publication landscape.   Our fields of operation: • Doctoral courses and symposia on research methodology for PhD students and post-docs and lecturers • Postgraduate Diploma (PGDip) studies in research methodology • Doctoral schools and conferences on Social Entrepreneurship and Social & Sustainable Finance (SSFII series) • Advances and publications on research methodology • Annual flagship conference: Finance, Risk and Accounting Perspectives (FRAP series)  • Interdisciplinary research coordination in the fields of social and managerial sciences  • Researcher, lector and doctoral supervisor exchange programs • Digital publication of scientific journals, monographs, books and proceedings • Service and policy advisory on the EU framework for research Horizon 2020

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ACRN Oxford Research Centre, 1 King's Meadow

Oxford, GB