BEHAVIA - Behavioral Public Policy and Economics

BEHAVIA is Germanyโ€™s first consultancy for Behavioral Public Policy and Economics. Our mission is to empower people to make better decisions. We are committed to increasing citizensโ€™ well-being, fostering societal welfare and supporting endeavors to find solutions to the challenges of our societies.

We work for public authorities and international organizations. In our projects, we apply state-of-the-art knowledge from behavioral science in order to enhance public policies, processes and programs. We support our clients in initiating behavioral change on a large scale.

BEHAVIA provides behavioral economic engineering, insights and evidence-based advice. Our projects aim at boosting impact and outreach based on a conduct-oriented understanding of man. We believe that behaviorally-enhanced policies, processes and measures improve outcomes and welfare in the most efficient and sustainable way.

We enable natural competition and develop incentive-compatible mechanisms as to deliver efficient solutions for our clients. Our solution designs typically entail a mix of extrinsic and psychological incentives, acknowledging that we are all human beings โ€“ with diverse preferences, ambitions, bounded rationality and biases.

In addition, BEHAVIA engages in joint research and exchange with leading think tanks and insights units in Germany, Europe and the Middle East.

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