briq - Institute on Behavior and Inequality


briq is a research platform seeking to advance innovative thinking about the sources and consequences of inequality while pushing the frontiers of behavioral economics research.


mission statement

The institute promotes innovative thinking and research in the fields of behavioral economics and the sources of inequality. This research aims at improving individual opportunities and social cohesion. briq provides a platform for the exchange of novel ideas and an infrastructure for the cooperation of international, top-level researchers. We believe that scientific, interdisciplinary research is a precondition for evidence-based policy advice and the evaluation of economic and social policies.



Our research focuses on understanding individual decision making and behavior, as well as the causes and consequences of inequality. Areas of research include the foundations of decision making, behavioral applications to the fields of public and labor economics, the study of discrimination, and the malleability of moral behavior. A particularly important research interest is early childhood development and the formation of socio-emotional and cognitive skills.



Our scientific approach leverages a combination of economic theory with lab and field experiments, the analysis of survey and administrative data, and large-scale randomized controlled trials (RCTs).


aims and scope

With the aim of fostering the exchange of ideas, we operate a visiting program for extended research visits which includes administrative support and teaching buyouts. We run a weekly seminar and organize workshops and conferences as well as two biannual summer schools, one on behavioral economics and one on human capital and inequality.

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