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The Pompeu Fabra University, a research-oriented public university with an international outlook, has joined the ranks of the best universities in Europe. In the THE ranking, it is the top university in Spain (143rd in the world and 60th in Europe) and the 10th best university in the world among those less than 50 years old (5th in Europe).

The UPF Barcelona School of Management is the management school of a great university, Pompeu Fabra University. We share the virtues of this internationally recognized university which focuses on excellence in teaching and research. Our intention is to contribute to the development of management and the people who will put it into practice. We train professionals capable of managing companies and institutions, leading projects with a global vision. People who seek to add value, innovate, and transform society from a commitment to culture and planetary well-being.

Welcome to On-Campus&Live

You can attend class in person or 100% remotely with the same educational guarantees.

  • Modality enriched with elements of the online programs

  • Master classes and personal mentor
  • Face-to-face sessions with active methodologies for transferable learning
  • Same teaching calendar and schedule

Why choose us?

We connect the university with business through innovation, social transformation and research. Our vision of management is strategic and people-centred, based on the best international practice.

We provide solutions to the challenges facing business, social and institutional communities with a view to transferring the results to society and generating knowledge and economic and social impact.

We offer an active, personalized and multi-disciplinary approach to learning which prepares students to become professionals with the skills to adapt to constantly changing circumstances.

We have a culture based on values that include ethics, social responsibility, rigour, sustainability, diversity, humanism and culture; a creative, transformational vision that aspires to excellence in teaching, research and the transfer of knowledge.

International vocation with a global view of the challenges of the future

UPF Barcelona School of Managementโ€™s international outlook is based on building a global view of the challenges of the future.

All the Schoolโ€™s areas and activities work transversally to ensure UPF Barcelona School of Management is an international endeavour, leading to a wide, universal view of course content, so that it can be shared with teachers, managers and students worldwide.

UPF-BSM, as an extension of the UPF, has earned wide international recognition for the excellence of its teaching and research work.

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