Centrum für internationale Migration und Entwicklung (CIM)

What we stand for

CIM stands for expertise on international labour mobility and migration. We believe that the expertise acquired by individuals (individual expertise) offers tremendous potential for development – whether through our placement services, networks or advisory services. In the right place and at the right time, just one person can provide the momentum needed to bring about crucial changes and pave the way for innovation. Hence our motto: ‘One person can make a difference’.

All our work is guided by global development goals (sustainable development goals SDG?). We aim to promote the positive impact of migration and global labour mobility in order to improve the prospects of people living in developing countries and emerging economies.

What makes us different

We help to drive change in our partner countries by sourcing personnel with the required skills.

We place experts in key roles all over the world and help put the issue of migration on the global agenda.

We strengthen the bridges between Germany and its partner countries and promote forms of cooperation from which we all benefit.

We develop innovative ideas so that knowledge can flow where it is needed and make a lasting contribution to development in our partner countries.

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Frankfurt am Main, DE