Competition Commission

Our Role


The Commission is an independent statutory body established under the Competition Ordinance (Cap. 619) (the Ordinance) which was enacted in June 2012. The objective of the Ordinance is to prohibit conduct that prevents, restricts or distorts competition, and to prohibit mergers that substantially lessen competition in Hong Kong. The scope of the application of the merger rule is limited to carrier licences issued under the Telecommunications Ordinance (Cap. 106).


Our Functions


The Commission is tasked with the following functions :-

  • To investigate conduct that may contravene the competition rules of the Ordinance and enforce the provisions of the Ordinance;
  • To promote public understanding of the value of competition and how the Ordinance promotes competition;
  • To promote the adoption by undertakings carrying on business in Hong Kong of appropriate internal controls and risk management systems and to ensure their compliance with the Ordinance;
  • To advise the Government on competition matters in Hong Kong and outside Hong Kong;
  • To conduct market studies into matters affecting competition in markets in Hong Kong; and
  • To promote research into and the development of skills in relation to the legal, economic and policy aspects of competition law in Hong Kong.

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