EcoMod School of Modeling and Data Science

Modeling with Impact

EcoMod School is at the forefront of the ever-evolving practice of policy modeling. All our faculty have extensive practical experience as leaders of modeling departments in major institutions, as software developers, prominent academics, and advisors to governments and businesses.

EcoMod is the world’s leading research, advisory, and educational not-for-profit network dedicated to promoting advanced modeling and statistical techniques in economic policy and decision making. EcoMod brings together thousands of modeling experts and users worldwide.

EcoMod fellows have unparalleled expertise in developing and using models in impact assessment, scenario analysis, forecasting, projections, strategic planning, and policy development.

EcoMod fellows have developed projects in scenario and impact analysis in the fields of international trade, development, environment, energy, public finance, tax policy, monetary policy, agriculture, labor market issues, forecasting and projections in European, Asian, Latin American, Middle East and North African countries, and in the USA.

EcoMod’s research, training and workshops focus on policy-relevant issues in order to help decision-making and to bridge the gap between academics, policymakers, and business.

EcoMod Modeling School is the largest provider of intensive economic modeling courses in the world through its regular training programs in Europe, in the USA, and in Asia, and through its on-line and on-site courses.

EcoMod provides consulting and training services to a large number of institutions in more than 100 countries including all the major international organizations, many governments, central banks, and several of the world’s largest companies.

EcoMod’s conferences and workshops bring together hundreds of participants from all continents active in the policy modeling field.

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