Faculty of Economics, LMU Munich

The Faculty of Economics is responsible for the organization of the research, teaching and study programs in economics at the Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich. The term “faculty” refers to a group of related subject areas and the corresponding chairs, that work in the various fields of economic science:

*Department of Economics* From an organizational viewpoint, the Department of Economics is the main entity of the faculty. It hosts all chairs and manages their resources.

*Center for Economic Studies (CES)* Apart from the Department of Economics, the Center for Economic Studies (CES) is the second independent institute at the faculty. Founded in 1991 and part of the CESifo group, it cooperates closely with the ifo Instiute, an important German institute for economic research that is well connected to the Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich. Both institutions are headed by Hans-Werner Sinn, Professor for Economics and Public Finance.

*Munich Graduate School of Economics* The Munich Graduate School of Economics is the organizational entity of graduate education at the faculty. First and foremost, it manages the education of Ph.D. students. In several structured programs students can choose specializations according to their interest, such as Evidence Based Economics funded by the Bavarian Elite network or Microeconomic Determinants of Labor Productivity funded by the DFG. 

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