Faculty of Economics, Marmara University

The Faculty provides instruction in two different languages in 4 departments: Labour Economics and Industrial Relations, Econometrics, Public Finances and Economics (Turkish/English). This provides our graduates with the competitive edge that is needed in an increasingly demanding global business environment.

The Faculty has 148 faculty members, in addition to the faculty members, 29 administrative staff members are currently employed in the Faculty of Economic and Administrative Sciences. Only in the last academic year, a total of 7,000 students (both in the day and evening programs) were enrolled in the Faculty programs. Out of those, 1,300 were eligible for graduation.

The recognition of the fact that our students graduate with the knowledge and expertise required by the public and private sector has resulted in the departments of the Faculty to being among the top five preferred by students - a fact reflected in the high scores required in the university entrance exam in order to be enrolled in these departments.

The Faculty's ongoing efforts for internationalisation have paved the way for many student and faculty exchange programs and extensive cooperation agreements with various European universities. Within the framework of the Faculty-Industry Cooperation initiative, prominent figures of the business world have also joined the Faculty's teaching staff. Additionally, the Faculty's strong links with its alumni have proved to be a valuable asset over the years.

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