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Georgetown University Pressโ€™s publishing program in Global Business and the Global Economy offers readers a global perspective on how the world works that students, scholars, and leaders need to understand in order to contribute to the best of their abilities. Located in Washington, DC, a vibrant nexus for business, government, and international relations and home to numerous startup, technology, real estate, banking, and hospitality companies, Georgetown University includes the Walsh School of Foreign Service and the McDonough School of Business, two highly ranked institutions that see business, politics, and public policy as intertwined.

Building upon the pressโ€™s existing strengths in international affairs and security studies, world languages, and ethics, the Global Business publishing program recognizes that global problems demand global solutions, and that the business sector is a prime player. We are particularly interested in the transformation of the global economy wrought by advances in artificial intelligence, automation and robotics, global supply chains, digital currencies, the sharing economy, income inequality, and climate change. The future of capitalism, various forms of capitalism, the role of democracy, and the stability of democracies will also be featured on this list. All these subjects are held together by a recognition that business, politics, and international affairs are interrelated, and that global business exists not merely to generate revenue but also, sometimes, to serve society.

For queries you can contact Hilary Claggett, the Senior Acquisitions Editor of Global Business via phone or email.

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