German Institute for Economic Research (DIW Berlin)

The German Institute for Economic Research (DIW Berlin) is one of the leading German economic research institutes. The core tasks of DIW Berlin are application-oriented basic research, policy advice and the provision of research infrastructure. As an independent institute, the institute is used exclusively for charitable purposes and is funded as a member of the Leibniz Association by public funds. DIW Berlin works closely with the universities of Berlin and Brandenburg and is also part of the international research community.

DIW Berlin presents its research results in science journals, within the scope of national and international scientific events as well as at workshops, symposia and colloquia. The research results provide a basis for the exchange of ideas among experts and other relevant groups. Current economic and structural data, forecasts and advices as well as services in the area of quantitative economics are provided to decision makers in economics and policy and the broad public. DIW Berlin endues a target group specific range of publications, events and data sources. Furthermore, the research results often meet with a major response in the news media.

DIW Berlin has four departments, as well as the library, that support our scientific research and publish research results.

The communications department is principally concerned with promoting internal exchange of information and making the institute's findings available to the public. As political consulting is one of DIW Berlin's key areas, we strive for reaching the public through the media and thus contributing an empirical foundation to the public discourse on economic and social policy. 

The library team supports our researchers by supplying them with information and literature. The library is also open to the public as a reference library. Our customer care center can be found here as well: The library answers inquiries on research results and publications of DIW Berlin.

The information technology team provides DIW Berlin employees with steady and secure internet access, as well as access to cutting-edge information and communication technology. It also advises and supports the research departments when choosing and installing individual hard- and software for research projects. 

The management services department is responsible for control and financial management. The department's tasks also include project and supply management. It mainly supports the executive board and staff of DIW Berlin.

The legal department and human resources is responsible for all human resources issues and legal questions that occur. The department also includes the office management team that takes care of the work environment and provides different internal services.


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